WiFi Surveys from SAS

Based on your requirements we can design a network with optimum access point positioning, to ensure the best performance and security.

Whether you already have WiFi and are looking to improve performance and diagnose problems or if you need us to design a layout for a new installation, we can help.

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Find out where we would recommend you place your Wireless Access Points

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What we do

Our WiFi Service provides a high availability network that supports collaboration, mobility and guest access.

We have provided full audit, design and installation services to some of the UK’s biggest brands for more than a decade and have installed more than 21,000 WiFi access points.

We've helped customers in multiple sectors such as hospitality, manufacturing, distribution, retail and banking.

Our network audit assesses your existing infrastructure and compares it with your current and future requirements. This is followed by a wireless survey to determine the optimum positioning of the access points.

We then project-manage the full installation and, once tested and operational, proactively monitor the solution 24/7 providing granular analysis right down to the demand on each access point. 

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We are one of the highest rated ECSE experts

Designing, optimising, and troubleshooting for better Wi-Fi using Ekahau products.


ECSE is a  certification which shows we know  how to design, optimise and troubleshoot Wi-Fi and that we can use Ekahau products to the best of their abilities. You can be confident in the fact that the job is being done by reliable, experienced personnel to deliver a robust Wi-Fi solution.


Why have a Wi-fi Survey?

It is important to understand your requirements to enable us to plan and design a solution that meets your requirements both aesthetically and for performance.

We offer different surveys which are dependent on your requirements and are detailed below. We consider the area of coverage (Sqm), coverage and device requirements including bandwidth and quantity to ensure Wi-fi capacity is achieved.


  • Peace of mind that your site will have reliable WiFi connection so that work can continue as normal
  • Gain an understanding of what is holding back your site's WiFi performance
  • Reassurance that your infrastructure isn't holding you back
  • Find out where the poor performance areas are in your site are in your site due to capacity and AP positioning
  • Building the install to scale with your business


Types of Survey

  • Pre-Deployment
  • Before WiFi is installed
  • Plot APs onto floor plans  based on physical restrictions, density and performance requirements

  • Measuring attenuation of walls, doors, lift shafts, floors, ceiling heights etc

  • Optionally a cabling survey will be carried out to determine cable routes back to preferred Comms rooms

  • Full site and survey report

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  • Validation
  • 2 weeks after an installation 
  • To allow RF power and channel allocation to stabilise

  • Site walk-around to validate network compliance to the design advise if any further “tuning” is required

  • 2.4 and 5 GHz heat-maps

  • Site completion report containing RF heat maps and interference etc

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  • Optimisation
  • For underperforming sites
  • A review of existing wireless installation with recommendations based on customer requirements

  • A survey report showing detected  and potential issues with recommendations to meet your requirements

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  • Remedial
  • Health check & fault-finding
  • Check coverage areas are meeting  the requirement

  • Identify areas of interference, poor performance and signal blank spots

  • Spot checks can be carried out around the premise to measure and report on performance

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What tools do we use?

Ekahau Sidekick


APoaS (AP on a stick)


Ekahau Heat Maps

What's included?


We'll consult with you on your needs, whether that be the provision of a new solution, troubleshooting your existing network or a technology upgrade of your existing WiFi.


We can carry out a Survey or Audit of your current WiFi network using specialised tools such as Air Magnet and Ekahau. If we are surveying to provide a new or enhanced solution, then we’ll determine optimum locations for Access Point locations.


Our installation team can carry out a range of activities including cabling and the installation of hardware such as cabinets, switches and wireless equipment.

Trouble Shooting

If we are trouble shooting we’ll review signal coverage, channel overlap and inference that may degrade the performance of your network. We’ll produce a report with recommendations and consult with you further if required, based on our findings.


Our teams are equipped to commission the network on completion and produce heatmaps that will be included in a site completion report.


It depends on the situation and the amount of work involved. For example surveying a huge warehouse will require more than a standard office. It's best to get in touch for a quick chat about your particular needs and we can give you a ball park quote.


Surveys start from £450 and they vary according to the size and complexity of the space. We can quickly give you a quote, please click here: Get a quote

Most surveys are completed in approximately 1 week and are dependent on the complexity and size of the requirement.

Yes, we follow social distancing guidelines, and wear appropriate PPE.

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