Join us for a webinar on
Reducing the cost of your WAN

Wednesday, January 25th, 1pm (click for Feb 1st)

Do you want to know if you’re spending too much on your Wide Area Network?

If so, please join me for an insightful, eye opening webinar on Jan 25th or Feb 1st.  

After 20 years of pricing almost all of the carrier networks, we’re lifting the lid on how to:

  • Re-sign your WAN for less
  • Refresh your WAN for considerably less
  • Do it quickly, with a minimum of fuss

We’re going to expose 16 techniques to reduce costs, and discuss how to make them work.

For example:

  • How to leverage pricing changes for up to 20% savings at re-sign
  • Which technologies and suppliers to mix for up to 50% savings at refresh
  • 9 tips for improving your commercial deal

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Register for our alternative date: Feb 1st.

Kind regards,
Charles Davis
CEO, SAS Global Communications