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Still gathering information before making the move to SD WAN? 

Many companies are still researching before investing in SD WAN.  If you're still gathering information, we can help you understand the key points, share the experiences of our customers and explain how managed SD WAN works in practice.  When you're ready, we'll happily talk to you about how we could design, deploy and manage your SD WAN network.

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Read our guides to learn more

We have lots of guidance to help you understand SD WAN: what it is, how it works and the benefits you can expect to achieve.
We also have some thoughts to consider when deciding whether to do it yourself or opt for a managed service.

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Our comprehensive downloadable guides will help you consider topics in detail

Introduction to SD WAN Guide

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Benefits of SD WAN Guide

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DIY vs Managed SD WAN Guide

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DIY vs Managed SD WAN Decision Support Tool

People are sometimes told they can move to SD WAN and manage the network themselves, because SD WAN makes it easy to deploy and manage it. 

However, SD WAN is an overlay on top of the rest of your network. It hides complexity but does not completely remove it.  There is still an underlay to manage, still a design to undertake and still changes and maintenance to handle.

This spreadsheet will help you work through questions to ask yourself when deciding whether DIY or Managed SD WAN is better for you. It suggests a DIY or Managed SD WAN solution based on your answers and may make you think about some aspects you may not have considered.

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Managed Cisco Meraki SD WAN Brochure

The remarkable adoption rate by our customers shows that Cisco Meraki is emerging as the platform of choice for mid-market companies. They love the combination of features, performance, manageability and reasonable cost. Find out more in our brochure:

  • Why Managed SD WAN?
  • Why Meraki?
  • What's included in our Managed service?
  • Example hardware
  • Services that integrate with SAS Managed Meraki SD WAN
  • Our vision for your network
  • Why we're recognised as one of the top 10 SD WAN vendors in the UK

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SAS recognised by Enterprise Networking Magazine as one of the  top SD WAN providers in the UK.

The magazine has compiled a list of the top 10 SD WAN consulting and service partners in the UK, to help decision makers choose the right consulting and service partner to source, design and build their networks.   We are delighted to be included in this list.

The June edition carries a feature article on SAS, which describes how we help to transform the networks of Mid-sized businesses with Managed SD WAN.  It highlights why more and more businesses are seeking help with transformations, and how we have become a trailblazer for Meraki SD WAN in the UK, becoming one of Cisco's top Managed Service Provider partners.

Read the article in full here

Find out what Cisco have to say about SAS

We're a Cisco Premier Partner and one of a small number of Cloud and Managed Service Partners (CMSPs).

We've recently been recognised as a Top 10 SD Provider in the UK, and we've helped multiple customers to transform their networks using Managed Meraki SD WAN.

Cisco have recognised us in a special case study that details what we do.

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Wondering how SD WAN would overlay on your network?

We have a wealth of experience  in managing networks and all of the related supporting services.

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Why Choose SAS For Your Managed SD WAN

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User Experience

We design around your users, your applications and your priorities so your network truly delivers the user experience that your business needs.

Cost Effective

We match your speed, reliability and cost priorities to what is available in each location.

Best In Class

We have developed a best in class process to Consult, Design, Deploy and Support to guarantee that you get precisely the network you need. We're experts in WAN, SD WAN, Cloud Access, Network Security and application performance.

Problem Solving

We can tell you which application, user or device is the root cause of the problem, and follow the path of an application across the network.

Business Relationships

We think you’ll like working with SAS. We offer a flexible, complete, responsive service and we like to make things easy for our customers.

Tailored Support

We have a wide range of support functions and we offer multiple configurations so that you can get precisely the service that you want.

Our Managed SD WAN Service Includes

We provide a full service and ongoing management, as well as consultation, design, implementation, or configuration of all the following technologies.


Proactively managed, high speed, reliable networks that allow secure communication between all sites, as well as access to the internet


Ongoing management, support and replacement of existing LAN estate. We can provide visibility of the end to end network.

Wireless network

Management of secure WiFi network as well as Guest network. SAS has been providing a full audit, design and installation service to some of the UK’s biggest brands


Managed hosted telephony service, with optional integration with Microsoft Teams and other features

Firewalls and Remote access

Managed Firewall services provide management, monitoring, support and alerting for firewalls, in order to maintain security and business continuity without having to invest in expensive resource and processes.


Fully monitored solution that is supported 24x7x365. Access our monitoring portal with real-time status of your network for each site and ability to report on bandwidth and hardware utilisation and performance.

Ask us about SAS Gateway, SASnet and SAS Insight

Once you are connected to our network, you can benefit from all the other services we offer. 

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Metro Bank

Metro Bank is probably one of the fastest growing retailers in the UK today and, with a portfolio of 60 stores and plans to reach around 100 by 2020, that trend looks set to continue. Metro Bank’s wide area network provides voice and data connectivity to all of its retail stores, back offices and data centres.

“SAS has the ability to flex to our requirements and isn’t rigid,” said John. “SAS helps us to meet our business requirements. They want us to be delighted. They know that if they give us great service, they become sticky and we’ll carry on working with them because we see value.” - John Rabbetts, director of IT infrastructure and operations.