Meet our Teams 

We’re proud to have many leading experts in our team, all passionate about offering customers the best advice, support and delivery possible. We’re a friendly, committed and people-orientated team. We prioritise on building robust, happy relationships with our customers.

Whether you engage with SAS to build a network, improve your application performance or deliver an urgent circuit, you’ll find a pro-active, approachable and knowledgeable person on hand to support you.

Here are some of the teams that will help you when you first engage with SAS

Client Engagement

We help you turn your requirements into reality. My team will consult with you to understand your business and requirements. Then they recommend the best way to construct your services. Whatever your needs, we'll provide the most experienced people in the industry, such as our CIO or Business Development Director, to help you.


Mike Stichbury

Sales Director

Technical Design

We help make your designs technically perfect. Our Technical Design experts work alongside our Client Engagement team to ensure the designs will deliver what you want to achieve. My team is hugely experienced, skilled and qualified, so you can be sure that we can design the perfect infrastructure for your needs.


Chris Green

Technical Pre-Sales Manager

When you take a managed service from SAS, we'll deploy it quickly and painlessly.  Here are some of the teams that will help deploy your infrastructure

Physical Infrastructure

We help set up, clean up and maintain your physical infrastructure.  Whether it's conducting a WiFi survey, setting up WiFi 6, tidying the comms room or setting up your LAN, my team can help.  We are experts in organising physical infrastructure in readiness for new circuits on green field sites, and one of the UK's largest WiFi installers.


Lloyd Everard

Business Development Director

Project Management

We help you get everything delivered smoothly and on time. Your Project Manager organises all aspects of the delivery of your service. My project managers pride themselves on ensuring a timely and pain-free experience, and they're lovely to work with. They use Prince2 methodology and they are experts in managed networks.


Nigel Bolger

Head of Project Operations

Provisioning Management

We get your circuits and hardware ordered and delivered. The Provisioning team order circuits and hardware, liaising with your PM, the Carriers and you, to get everything installed. Everyone in my team is an expert at getting circuits delivered on time, so you can be sure of a smooth deployment.


Paul Haines

Provisioning Manager


We install your equipment and commission your service. The Engineering team come to site to install equipment, configure it and commission it into your service and onto our management platform.


James O'Neill

Network Engineering Manager

Once deployed, we'll keep your services running around the clock.  Here are some of the teams that will help you during the life of your contract

Account Management

We help you get the best out of your relationship with SAS.  My team is responsible for the relationship you have with SAS - for making it easy to do business with us, and for making you happy.



Rick Ellis


Account Support

We make it painless for you to place orders and communicate with us. The Account Support team makes sure there is always someone on hand to take your calls, handle queries and process orders. They live to make your life easy.


Sue Sheppard

Sales Support Manager

Service Excellence

We help you understand your service and tune it to perfection. The Service Excellence team reviews the performance of your network, Infrastructure and applications, and helps you tune them to get the most out of them. They also help you see trends and plan for the future.


John Taylor

Senior Service Excellence Consultant

Managed Infrastructure

We help customers run their server, desktop and voice infrastructure.  My team are the go-to experts for managed infrastructure.  We can provide anything from on site engineer visits for servers and staff, to managed servers on Azure.  We also support voice, Office 365, Teams and managed security services.


Frank Albon

Managed Infrastructure Manager

Network Operations Centre

We keep you running and help you recover quickly when things go wrong. The Network Operations Centre monitors your network, infrastructure and applications.  They're experienced, expert and friendly, they're there for you.  They're proud to respond proactively for 95% of issues, and to handle 75% of incoming calls on the first call.


Nicki Emberson

NOC Duty Manager

Service Assurance

We help SAS be the best that it can possibly be for you.  Our aim is to be the best Managed Service Provider you could possibly find.  To achieve this, the Service Assurance team monitors our operations and processes to make sure that we are continually improving. 


Lucy Matthews

Head of Service Management

We have many more teams working tirelessly to keep your service running smoothly.  Here are some of the teams who will be working behind the scenes for you

Technology and Development

We run the infrastructure that supports your managed service.  My team runs the monitoring and operational services that keep the lights on 24x7 for your infrastructure.  Our fantastic development team creates the innovation that keeps us ahead of the pack.

ollie anderson

Ollie Anderson

Technical Director


We make sure your deployments and change projects run smoothly and deliver right first time.  My teams look after project and provision activities, and run the continuous improvement and quality management activities that allow you rely on SAS.


Liz Williams

Director of Operations & Transformation

Product and Strategy

We help SAS to be relevant and valuable to your business. We aim to give our customers the best service on the planet. To achieve this, my team makes sure that we're listening to our customers and to the market, and that we're constantly evolving to meet your needs.


Geoff Tyrrell

Service & Solution Development Director

Finance and Commercial

We help create your contracts and provide clear, insightful and right-first-time bills. My teams help create your commerical contracts and provide fantastic, clear bills covering all your services and including your own cost codes and references.


David Biggins

Finance Director


We help to explain our services and help our customers. My team helps new customers to find SAS, to learn about Managed Networking and to understand our services. We also help keep customers informed of changes and new services.

Luke Beresford-Ward


Digital Marketing Manager

Our Team's Objective

Everyone at SAS shares a passion: to solve your problems, to make you look good, and to make you happy you chose us.

Why not talk to us? We're relaxed and extremely friendly. We won't give you a hard sell and we promise we'll give you an honest view about what you need and how we can help you.

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