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Moving to a new office can be stressful and the last thing you need is a delay to your circuit install. If you're in a similar situation, we can help you by providing our 4G router solution to get you back up and running while your circuit is installed. 

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Yes – it’s very reliable.

In fact, our 4G service is far more reliable than traditional mobile connectivity because it can bond multiple SIMs. 

While the bonding delivers a higher bandwidth, its PRIMARY aim is  ACTUALLY to create RELIABLE performance.

The service auto-tunes in order to trade performance for reliable connections that have the lowest packet loss and the best latency possible.

Traffic seamlessly fails-over via another live channel in the bond.

Having SIMs from multiple carriers further increases resilience.

Yes!  It can support hundreds of users.

Our 4G service is faster than traditional mobile connectivity, since it uses multiple SIMs.

Bonding of multiple SIMs can theoretically deliver up to 90% of the aggregate bandwidth of all the SIMs in use, although in practice the service auto-tunes in favour of lower latency and packet loss.

We size the solution to suit each customer, using up to 18 SIMs for the largest installations.   We’ve provided solutions for hundreds of users in the past.

Also, bear in mind the benefit of using SIMs from multiple carriers.   This spreads your traffic and reduces the risk that you lose performance because you have congested any one carrier’s cell.


We can configure our 4G service to support latency-sensitive applications such as VOIP and Citrix.

We can apply Quality of service policies to do this, although this may not always be guaranteed across the entire communications path.

Our service runs on 256 bit encrypted tunnels.

Traffic is also split across multiple encrypted streams, which makes it very difficult to intercept and re-assemble the full data stream.

We improve performance using multiple SIMs and exterior high gain, directional aerials.

We typically install SIMs from multiple carriers to reduce loading on any one cell and thus mitigate congestion issues.

This service has been in use for several years and has been deployed to many hundreds of sites for demanding enterprise customers.

It’s designed, installed and configured by our expert team at SAS, so it is extremely easy to deploy!

Costs are typically similar to the circuit being replaced, and since that circuit isn’t live, you’ll be paying for your 4G connection instead of the delayed circuit, rather than as well as it.

Our pricing is simple, competitive and extremely flexible.

We have three components:  

  • Professional services to set you up, 
  • A monthly rental for the device and service
  • Data charges.

The rental is driven by the device and number of SIMs you need, and we can identify that once you’ve spoken to one of our technical team about your situation.

The data charges are fair, flexible, transparent and completely under your control.

Fair – All of our tariffs are competitive.  We only use SIM contracts that are designed for sustained data use, and that cover multiple carriers (so that you get the best throughput at each site by spreading the load across carriers).  We regularly check our pricing to maintain competitiveness.

Flexible – We offer bundled Gb packages of various sizes for customers who are confident in their data usage.  We recognise that customers using 4G for emergency use may not know their likely usage, and for these situations we have a flexible Pay As You Go model that does not tie you in.   Once you know your monthly usage, we can agree to move you onto an appropriate bundle.

Transparent – We provide clear billing so that you can see what you’ve used, but more importantly you can see for yourself using our portal.

Under your control – We provide you with a portal that gives you complete visibility and control of your usage.  This means that you can see what (and usually also who) is driving your usage,  anticipate charges and then control and limit usage.  This puts you in complete control of your costs.

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