Is your internet access holding you back?

Give your network and cloud projects a boost, with SASnet, our Cloud and SD WAN ready managed internet services. 

SASnet provides internet connectivity for your sites or your WAN. It connects via our Gateway to Cloud platforms, applications, hosted voice and data centres. SASnet includes access to firewall services and was built from the ground up to support SD WAN. It is also fully managed and monitored for your peace of mind.


What kind of Internet do you need for Cloud?

Access from individual sites?

Traditional Direct Internet Access (DIA) services offer reliable, high performance internet access.  They have uncontended symmetric access in a range of bandwidths. They offer several types of bearer (eg EFM and EAD)to meet varying price points.

Central break-out from your WAN?   

Centralised Internet Breakout services allow for a single egress from the WAN rather than internet from every site. This can reduce the cost and complexity of having multiple internet circuits and firewalls.

Access to a Cloud platform such as Azure or AWS?

Businesses are increasingly looking to connect their sites or networks to cloud platforms and they need a simple but agile way to do this. 

Do you need a Managed Internet service?

Managed internet services provide these functions but avoid the cost of maintaining your own internal skills at every site. They also avoid the risk that your internal IT team are unable to address performance and reliability issues that may arise.

SASnet supports all of these cloud requirements.

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Why Buy Managed Internet services from SAS?

SASnet includes access to the SAS Gateway, which provides many benefits. 

One of the greatest benefits of SASnet services is that they include access to the SAS Gateway, which provides connections to a range of services.

A key benefit of the SAS Gateway is that it provides private access to Cloud Platforms. This can create considerable overall cost savings, because Cloud Platform providers such as AWS and Azure charge users up to four times less for egress via private access than via the Public Internet.

The SAS Gateway also offers great performance for services that can be reached via private access rather than via the best-efforts internet

Lots more reasons below!

Option 1

SASnet Classic

SASnet Classic consists of a managed SAS router and (optional) firewall with a Business Internet connection direct to the internet from your site.

With this option, you won't benefit from being connected into our SAS Gateway, which provides easy access to a suite of cloud apps and connectivity options.


SASnet Premium

SASnet Premium consists of a managed SAS router and (optional) firewall  connecting to the internet via our SAS Gateway.

This option provides quick and easy reach to the internet as well as access to cloud services and data centres.  Direct connection to Cloud Platforms can save you considerable cost compared with access via the public internet.


SASnet Internet Break-out

SASnet Internet break-out connects your WAN to the internet via our SAS Gateway.

This option can simplify your internet connectivity while providing the performance and cost benefits of connecting direct to Cloud Platforms  rather than over the public internet.

Note that SASnet Internet Breakout includes a hosted firewall to protect your WAN.


Why Buy Managed Internet services from SAS?



Voice and Data, Hybrid Networking, SD WAN and Cloud increasingly need to be considered together. When SAS provides Internet, WAN and Cloud Access, the customer gets:

  • One organisation that is accountable for end to end service across all these elements;
  • One account team and NOC who understand the whole environment.

Services accessed through the SAS Gateway become part of an integrated management and monitoring platform that supports an end to end customer experience.

SAS can support the whole IP path from the site to the Cloud Platform or Cloud App provider.


Fully Managed

SASnet Classic, Premium and Breakout are fully managed, with proactive monitoring and access to the SAS portal and advanced reporting tool - using the same monitoring and management environment as an SAS Managed WAN.

Classic and Premium include a fully managed router, and a firewall is optional.

SASnet Internet Breakout includes a hosted firewall.

fully managed

Flexibility & Agility

SASnet Premium can be installed quickly, since it uses circuits from one of the faster providers.

SASnet Internet Breakout can be installed very quickly if the business is on-net with SAS, since it does not require a new circuit to be delivered.

SAS Gateway services can be configured very quickly; potentially within days.

SAS can also offer commercial flexibility that may not be available from major carriers.


Peace of mind

We are hugely confident in SASnet services because we use them ourselves.

We are Business Continuity (ISO 22301) certified.  This ensures that we develop, implement and maintain resilient business continuity plans.

We are also Quality (ISO 9001), Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001) and Information Security (ISO 27001) certified. 

We hold major partner accreditations with many of the Tier 1 network carriers and Cisco.

In the last ten years we have successfully completed more than 16,000 highly commended infrastructure projects for business customers around the world. 

SASnet Clients

One of our clients recently benefitted from 500Mbps of resilient internet breakout through the SAS Gateway. Their breakout service comprises of resilient Internet bandwidth,  a new ASA firewall failover pair with Firepower, an additional rack in our Data Centre to house the Firewalls and 500 Mbps bandwidth between Data Centres.

Resulting in 150% more internet bandwidth for 11% lower annual rental.

Package Features 




Internet Break-out

Access circuit

Wide range of circuit types available

Wide range of circuit types available

Not required 

Fully Managed Router




Proactive alerting and

advanced Reporting






(hosted or on-premise)



Resilient Circuit



Built-in resilient

connection to the internet

Connected to the SAS Gateway, allowing access to:   

Cloud Platforms


Hosted telephony and SIP Services



Data Centre



LINX Platform



Other Ethernet &

MPLS Providers



Firewall Options

SASnet has options for managed firewall, as follows. Speak to us if interested in other arrangements such as a dedicated firewall hosted by SAS or in your own rack.

gradient sas classic


Option for on-premise managed firewall. 

gradient sas premium


Option for hosted or on-premise managed firewall.

gradient sas breakout


To be specified with Hosted managed firewall.

So how much does it cost?

If you would like to find out how this solution could benefit your business then
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