Rapid Site Deployment


We bond multiple 4G LTE SIMs from multiple networks into a single data connection, and we connect this to the internet or to your corporate network.  Depending on the options chosen, we can do this in as little as two working days.

The result? You can respond to seasonal or temporary events, or put in place short-term connectivity at a site before a fixed line is set up. We can then seamlessly migrate to a permanent circuit once it is in place.

Typical uses

We provide WAN and internet connections for customers who need:

  • Rapid site deployment
  • Temporary site deployment
  • Remote location connectivity
  • In-vehicle connectivity
  • Business continuity planning
  • Network mergers (eg to support Mergers and Acquisitions)

We offer a suite of enterprise grade bonded cellular services that are fully managed and available in the UK and abroad. This includes 24/7 monitoring and full lifecycle support. 

Typical configuration

We have a number of options for rapid and temporary deployments:

  • We can deploy a pre-configured unit within 2 working days, typically using three SIMs from two carriers and connecting your site to the internet.

  • We can provide a more bespoke design with multiple SIMs to reflect the applications and bandwidth that you need at your site. This normally takes a little longer.

  • If you have regular deployments (eg new construction sites or retail premises), we can design a tailored solution that can then be delivered in as little as two working days.

  • Further options include connection into your corporate network.

Support your fixed line installations

The services can be deployed as a joined-up bundle to help overcome installation delays (and long lead times) associated with traditional fixed line connectivity.

We can bundle your bonded 4G LTE circuit with any fixed line circuit,  including ADSL, Superfast, EFM and EAD.   Once the fixed line circuit is in place, we can seamlessly migrate from the 4G circuit to the fixed line.  At that point, the mobile solution can be assigned as a backup circuit, or simply removed.



  • In a rapid site deployment for Andrew Page, we connected 13 recently acquired offices to their corporate WAN within 2 working days of installing the hub router.

  • We provide temporary site connectivity for many customers within the  Construction Industry




We're delighted to have WON the Best Mobile Data solution at the 2015 Comms National Awards, and to have been Highly Commended for best Enterprise M2M/Wireless Solution in both SME and Enterpise categories at the  2016 Comms National awards!


Other connectivity options: Fixed, Mobile & Satellite Broadband Solutions

We provide:

  • Mobile Broadband (Bonded 3G/4G) from 2 full working days
  • Satellite Broadband for areas with no mobile coverage from 5 full working days
  • Fixed Line Broadband (ADSL / Ethernet) from 30 full working days

Here's a brief overview of other solutions we offer. The performance figures shown are subject to geographical location and site survey, so please use as guidance only. With 4G LTE cellular, we bond multiple SIMs from multiple carriers to meet your performance requirement.


Flexible commercials

To provide complete flexibility, we require only 1-month minimum contracts for these services.

We also provide fair commercials for usage.


Find out more

To find out more about our rapid site deployment services, you can

  • Download our free brochure. Inside, you'll learn more about what's involved, including how the service works and the deployment process.

  • Watch our unboxing video, to see what's in the box when we provide Rapid Site Deployment using 4G LTE bonded cellular WAN technology.
  • Get a free cellular site survey to find out about the performance you could achieve at a site of interest
Rapid Site Deployment - Brochure

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