Network and Application Monitoring


Most suppliers can see when a link is down.
Some can see when it's over-utilised.

We can tell you which application, user or device is the root cause of the problem, and follow the path of an application across the network. 

And we raise 95% of issues proactively

We have one of the best, if not the best monitoring and management platforms in the industry, giving you complete, deep and interconnected information about the network and about how your applications are performing over it.   We show you the complete application path so you can easily spot when and where problems have arisen and do something about it.

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Why should you monitor your network?

The adoption of new technology and the movement of a company towards becoming a digital business has major implications for the network.

As more processes are digitalised with new applications, and as more applications are moved to the Cloud, there is

  • More reliance on applications
  • More reliance on users having a great user experience
  • More reliance on the performance of applications

If the network can’t support the application performance you need then it can start to hold your company back.   Many mid-sized business suspect they suffer from application performance problems.

Equally, since only 30% of application performance issues are caused by the network, when poor application performance is wrongly blamed on the network then that too can hold your company back.

The answer to both these scenarios is to monitor your network and infrastructure properly.  Monitoring helps to spot basic issues, but also more subtle performance issues.

Why Monitor as a managed service?

Network and application monitoring is commonly implemented by:

  • Running the servers on which to run the toolset
  • Investing in skills
  • Designing, installing and configuring a monitoring tool
  • Keeping it running

This may not be the cheapest way to build a monitoring capability on which your business will rely.  It is certainly not the easiest.

For many businesses (especially those who elect to use managed services), a better approach is to take a managed service for monitoring the IT, applications and network infrastructure. This provides:

  • Reduced time to set up
  • Often, reduced cost, due to economies of scale
  • Better overall monitoring
  • Less risk of getting things wrong

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Welcome to the SAS Unified Dashboard (1)

Here's a short video that introduces the SAS Unified Dashboard.


Monitoring from SAS - Overview

When you have a Managed Network from SAS you get monitoring built right in as standard

  • If you don’t have a Managed Network from us, you can get exactly the same monitoring on its own – fully managed.
  • You can choose to monitor just your wide area network, or you can extend this monitoring to cover any number of other elements in your IT infrastructure (such as LAN, WiFi, Firewall, Server, Database, Application).
  • You can see everything in your estate within our single pane of glass.
  • Optionally, you can choose to apply a special focus onto one or more critical applications. Our Critical Path Monitoring service provides a high level traffic light summary of the health of the application, from which you can drill down visually to explore any element within the IP path of the application when a problem arises.  This makes it far easier and faster to triage application performance problems.
  • It’s easy to add either additional elements to be monitored, or Critical Path Monitoring of one or more applications.

See below for more on what’s included.  

Why Monitoring from SAS?

We’re well known to be market leaders in monitoring of the network and applications infrastructure.  Many customers bought our managed WAN specifically to get access to the advanced monitoring it offers.

In a nutshell

  • We provide a managed monitoring solution which avoids you having to set up and configure servers and then design configure and maintain the monitoring yourself
  • We have market leader Solarwinds at the core of our monitoring
  • But we provide so much more, from integrated ticketing to critical path monitoring and advanced reporting - as you’ll see below

Most suppliers can see when a link is down. Some can see when it's over-utilised.

  • We can tell you which application, user or device is the root cause of the problem, and follow the path of an application across the network.
  • We raise 95% of key issues proactively
  • We provide everything in a single pane of glass
  • And our advanced reporting lets you drill down from summary to full detail as far back in time as you like because we don’t roll up your data.

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The Critical Path Monitoring Tool (1)
Here's a short video that introduces the SAS Critical Path Monitoring tool.

What you get

We give you an advanced portal

Monitoring from SAS is Complete, Connected and Clear..


We use SolarWinds …

SolarWinds is a market leading monitoring tool that we use to monitor the health and performance of our customers’ IT and network estates, which we provide as part of our managed service. 

But we also provide so much more 

The key to our success in monitoring is the development we have undertaken over many years to build a complete, market-leading monitoring and management environment for use in Managed Services.   Here are some of the components we offer within our Managed Networks and Managed Monitoring services.

  • Proactive alerts
  • An Integrated ticketing engine to raise and track any issues as they arise – visible to customers and the NOC
  • An Integrated installation sign-off module that captures details of installations, including photos.
  • A complete inventory of Circuits, Hardware, plus servers, databases and applications where these are also monitored.
  • Over 150 pieces of meta-data per site.
  • A Single pane of glass dashboard that shows you everything in one place
  • Critical Path Monitoring – simple, clear visual summary of the health of the whole application path, allowing drill-down to investigate problems arising.
  • Advanced Reporting - See long term and predictive trends and drill down to the full detail 
  • Triage page to help NOC to identify issues fast
  • Integration into our end to end digital process that captures and supports your network from design, pricing through installation, in-life management, covering performance monitoring and central orchestration of the network, right through to advanced reporting and billing.

 Click here for further information about what's required in the best managed network provider.

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Proactive Alerts

Proactive alerting is the ability to flag to you that something is out of the ordinary, rather than waiting for you to spot it.  Proactive Alerts are critical to a good user experience and to a high availability of your network and your applications.  Here is a short list to illustrate some of the things for which we provide proactive alerts.

  1. DSL Line speed going out of specification
  2. Node that has stopped responding
  3. High Packet Loss
  4. High (or low) utilisation of a critical link
  5. Voice performing abnormally
  6. A fan has failed in a router, switch, firewall or other device
  7. A temperature sensor is reporting a high temperature
  8. A power supply unit voltage is reported as being out of specification
  9. A site has gone down
  10. A site has been down for more than x hours, prompting the order of a 4G rapid site deployment solution – just in case it’s needed



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Discover why customers trust SAS to monitor their whole estate and rely on us to alert and respond proactively to issues.  

See for yourself how we show both a CIO-level dashboard, as well as detailed drill-down information and long-term trends - across 25,000+ elements.

Our network monitoring software is everything you need to monitor your network, report on trends over time, diagnose problems and keep on top of problems

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