Managed Networks & SD WAN

Our vision for your next network

Our hybrid networks help our customers digitalise their businesses.
We use advanced Hybrid Networks and a world-leading monitoring platform to give you the best network, the best application performance, the least hassle and the best price we can possibly deliver. We manage your carriers so that you don’t have to! 

SD WAN Ready v3

The best price possible

Our hybrid networks, enhanced by SD-WAN, blend carriers and technologies to optimise the price of every site, and minimise installation cost with zero touch deployment. We offer transparent pricing for peace of mind.

The fastest deployment

Our hybrid networks let you choose circuits that deliver fastest for each site, and our 4G WAN circuits offer 2 day delivery with seamless transition to permanent circuits.

The easiest migration

We phase your migrations to suit you, minimising cost and hassle.

The best performance and uptime

Our advanced monitoring shows the whole application path, raises 95% of key issues proactively and allows detailed reporting and drill-down to show issues and long-term trends.

The most enjoyable and pain free experience

Our end to end digital systems and processes deliver Right First Time with clear, accurate bills.

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Here are the top characteristics that customers value
when they choose our managed network.

We design around your users, your applications and your priorities so your network truly delivers the user experience that your business needs.

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Our platform and our carrier independence lets us blend multiple vendors and access technologies to meet all of your needs in all your locations, securely anywhere in the world. We match your speed, reliability and cost priorities to what is available in that location.

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Customers increasingly need sites deployed rapidly, but most fixed line technologies take months to deliver. Our reliable bonded 4G circuits can deliver up to 40 Mbps in a few days, and then seamlessly switch over to permanent circuits when they come on stream.

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We have developed a best in class process to Consult, Design, Deploy and Support, and we have resourced it with the best expertise available, to guarantee that you get precisely the network you need, delivered right first time.

This is underpinned by our award winning end to end digital platform

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Most suppliers can see when a link is down, some can see when it's over-utilised. We can tell you which application, user or device is the root cause of the problem, and follow the path of an application across the network. We get right to the heart of the problem, even when it is not with the network.

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We think you’ll like working with SAS. We offer a flexible, complete, responsive service and we like to make things easy for our customers.

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We have an wide range of support functions and we offer multiple configurations so that you can get precisely the service that you want.

SD WAN Ready v3

Our networks can be SD WAN enabled today

We can provide your managed network either with a full SD WAN overlay or make it SD WAN ready. 

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