Managed Networks

Businesses rely on IT to deliver agility and competitive edge. They get this when their end-users enjoy a responsive and reliable experience, but what happens when they don't?


Most problems begin when applications deliver a poor end-user experience. This causes frustration for the user and undermines the IT investments of the business. Great user experience requires great performance in the network, the infrastructure and the applications. We believe all three should be designed and managed together. What's more, we have a suite of services to support each.

Here are a few reasons why you might like to consider SAS for your managed network services.

We design for end user experience

We design the network around your end users, the applications they run and the bandwidths these require, so that you get the end-user experience you need.  We monitor and manage all your circuits and devices, not just those we supplied, so that we have a single view of your network.. This means your network truly delivers the user experience that your business needs.


We offer cost effective hybrid managed networks

As a hybrid network provider, we provide reach, rapid deployment and performance. Our platform and carrier independence lets us blend multiple vendors. It also means we can access technologies to meet all your needs in all your locations, anywhere in the world. We match your speed, reliability and cost priorities to what is available in your chosen location.


We can connect your sites in days, not months

Most fixed line technologies take months to deliver. If you need a site deployed rapidly, then waiting several months isn't an option. Our reliable bonded 3G/4G circuits can deliver up to 40 Mbps in a few days. We will then seamlessly switch over to permanent circuits when they come on stream.


We deliver right, first time

Our detailed, rigorous engagement process is codified for repeatability and is resourced with the best expertise available. This means that customers get the managed networks they need, delivered correctly first time around.

We solve problems faster by seeing the whole application path

Most suppliers can see when a link is down, some can see when it’s over-utilised. We can tell you which application, user or device is the root cause of the problem, and follow the path of an application across the network. We get right to the heart of the problem, even when it is not with the network.

We're easy to do business with

Our service is flexible, complete and responsive. We like to make things easy for our customers by being straightforward and enjoyable to do business with. We continually invest to ensure this improves year after year.

We have incredible credibility!

SAS has been running for over 25 years and has 100% advocacy across hundreds of customers. We're used by some of the best technology partners in the industry and continue to gain multpile partner awards. Our Managed Networks are second to none.


If you're looking for the best network management provider, look no further!  To read more about what's on offer, why not download our free network management brochure today?
Improve your WAN performance, provide great end-user experience and enjoy peace of mind, with SAS.

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If you'd like to learn more about Managed Network Services, why not download our free brochure?

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