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Our hybrid networks help our customers digitalise their businesses.

We use advanced Hybrid Networks and a world-leading monitoring platform to give you the best network, the best application performance, the least hassle and the best price we can possibly deliver. We manage your carriers so that you don’t have to! 

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Our vision for your next network

The best price possible

Our hybrid networks, enhanced by SD-WAN, blend carriers and technologies to optimise the price of every site, and minimise installation cost with zero touch deployment. We offer transparent pricing for peace of mind.

The fastest deployment

Our hybrid networks let you choose circuits that deliver fastest for each site, and our 4G WAN circuits offer 2 day delivery with seamless transition to permanent circuits.

The easiest migration

We phase your migrations to suit you, minimising cost and hassle.

The best performance and uptime

Our advanced monitoring shows the whole application path, raises 95% of key issues proactively and allows detailed reporting and drill-down to show issues and long-term trends.

The most enjoyable and pain free experience

Our end to end digital systems and processes deliver Right First Time with clear, accurate bills.

Key things to look out for in a modern network

From the hundreds of networks that we've deployed, we have identified three critical elements that are required in every successful network.  We have developed our networks to give you these.

Hybrid Networks

Mixing multiple technologies and multiple carriers, you get the best circuit at the best price, every time. You also get high speed circuits in days, using our multi-carrier bonded 4G LTE cellular technology.


An advanced monitoring platform that shows you the whole application path, so you can troubleshoot performance problems quickly. Advanced audits that help you fix the most difficult problems that span your network, infrastructure and applications.


A service that solves your real-world problems making your life easier. A fully digital business so your changes happen fast. A proactive  platform that identifies 95% of issues, and experts who can fix 75% of calls on the first call.

Here are the top characteristics that customers value 
when they choose our managed network.

Design for end user experience

We design around your users, your applications and your priorities so your network truly delivers the user experience that your business needs.

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Our platform and our carrier independence lets us blend multiple vendors and access technologies to meet all of your needs in all your locations, securely anywhere in the world. We match your speed, reliability and cost priorities to what is available in that location.

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Customers increasingly need sites deployed rapidly, but most fixed line technologies take months to deliver. Our reliable bonded 4G circuits can deliver up to 40 Mbps in a few days, and then seamlessly switch over to permanent circuits when they come on stream.

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We have developed a best in class process to Consult, Design, Deploy and Support, and we have resourced it with the best expertise available, to guarantee that you get precisely the network you need, delivered right first time.

This is underpinned by our award winning end to end digital platform

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Most suppliers can see when a link is down, some can see when it's over-utilised. We can tell you which application, user or device is the root cause of the problem, and follow the path of an application across the network. We get right to the heart of the problem, even when it is not with the network.

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We think you’ll like working with SAS. We offer a flexible, complete, responsive service and we like to make things easy for our customers.

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We have a wide range of support functions and we offer multiple configurations so that you can get precisely the service that you want.


SAS Managed Network Clients


Metro Bank

Metro Bank is probably one of the fastest growing retailers in the UK today and, with a portfolio of 60 stores and plans to reach around 100 by 2020, that trend looks set to continue. Metro Bank’s wide area network provides voice and data connectivity to all of its retail stores, back offices and data centres.

“SAS has the ability to flex to our requirements and isn’t rigid,” said John. “SAS helps us to meet our business requirements. They want us to be delighted. They know that if they give us great service, they become sticky and we’ll carry on working with them because we see value.” - John Rabbetts, director of IT infrastructure and operations.

Services that integrate with an SAS Managed Network



The SAS Gateway provides rapid, flexible access to an extensive range of cloud platforms, cloud applications, Hosted voice and SIP services,  with private access to hundreds of service providers and global data centres.



SASnet provides internet connectivity for your sites or your WAN. It connects via our Gateway to Cloud platforms, applications, hosted voice and data centres. SASnet includes access to firewall services and was built from the ground up to support SD WAN. It is also fully managed and monitored for your peace of mind.


Managed Firewall

Managed Firewall services provide management, monitoring, support and alerting for firewalls, in order to maintain security and business continuity without having to invest in expensive resource and processes.



We bond multiple 4G LTE SIMs from multiple networks into a single data connection, and we connect this to the internet or to your corporate network.  Depending on the options chosen, we can do this in as little as two working days.



We have one of the best, if not the best monitoring and management platforms in the industry, giving you complete, deep and interconnected information about the network and about how your applications are performing over it.   We show you the complete application path so you can easily spot when and where problems have arisen and do something about it.


Hosted Voice

You may be relying on a traditional analogue of IP based private branch exchange (PBX) telephone system. If so, it could be time to consider moving to a hosted solution in order to benefit from what a cloud-based solution has to offer.

We offer Hybrid Networks

Mixing multiple technologies and multiple carriers, you get the best circuit at the best price, every time. You also get high speed circuits in days, using our multi-carrier bonded 4G LTE cellular technology.

We specialise in the deployment, management and real-time performance monitoring of Network, Infrastructure and Applications for mid-market and enterprise businesses.

Our Hybrid networks are multi-carrier and multi-technology to give you the best price, performance, deployment and experience. They can be SD WAN enabled today, or SD WAN ready for tomorrow.

SD WAN Ready v3

Yes we do  SD WAN networks

SD WAN is the next revolution in Wide Area Networking.  Many CIO’s are considering whether to use it for their next network. We can offer traditional, hybrid or full SD WAN networks. We offer SD WAN networks from Cisco Viptela, Cisco Meraki, Silver Peak and Peplink. If you're interested in exploring SD WAN for your next network, please ask us for a consultation or for a proof of concept. 

Our networks can be SD WAN enabled today

We can provide your managed network either with a full SD WAN overlay or make it SD WAN ready. 

Discover more about SD WAN here >>

Discover more about SD WAN benefits here >>

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