Is your network holding you back from moving to the cloud?

Use the SAS Gateway to connect your sites or your WAN to Cloud platforms, Applications and Data Centres

The SAS Gateway provides rapid, flexible access to an extensive range of cloud platforms, cloud applications, Hosted voice and SIP services,  with private access to hundreds of service providers and global data centres.

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What is it?

The SAS Gateway provides a simple, fast and flexible way to connect your sites and network to a range of services. It is a core component of the Hybrid Connectivity that we offer within our managed services.

The SAS Gateway provides access to a range of services. Some of these are reached privately rather than via the public internet, which brings a number of benefits.

Private access to:

cloud platform

Cloud Platforms

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud


Voice Services

SAS Hosted Voice

SAS SIP services



MPLS and Ethernet WAN services from a range of Carriers

4G WAN services (allowing direct connection from remote sites to the WAN) 


Cloud Applications

SAP, Salesforce, Office 3651

data centre

Data Centres

200 Data Centres in 11 countries



1 Microsoft authorization is required to use ExpressRoute for Office 365


Benefits of Gateway Services


Services such as the SAS gateway allow internet breakout from your WAN, which can reduce the cost of your internet services.

Cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure charge for data egress from their platforms but charge far less if connected privately. Services such as the SAS gateway give you private access to cloud platforms, so businesses can save considerable cost if they use these to access Cloud platforms.

Find out more in our short guide and calculator: How to reduce cloud access costs 

The SAS gateway provides access to SIP services. This can provide considerable cost savings, when replacing ISDN.



Private connections remove much of the uncertainty and best-effort delivery nature of the public internet, bringing performance improvements via improvements to latency, packet loss and jitter.



If a business site has a resilient circuit connection to the network or to a Gateway, then that site consequently has resilient access for all of the Over The Top (OTT) services that are available through the gateway.



It is simpler to set up connectivity with a single company via a Gateway than as individual connections from multiple providers. 

deployment and felx

Deployment & Flexibility

It is quick to set up new connections to applications, cloud platforms and Data centres via a Gateway. With the right provider, connections can potentially be set up in hours or days.

If you have the SAS Gateway, then we can rapidly provide high speed 4G access to your WAN when you open new sites.

A Gateway also allows for flexibility in migrating networks, because it can bridge old and new providers.

Why buy Cloud and Internet Gateway Services from SAS?


Confidence from Integration

Voice and Data, Hybrid Networking, SD WAN and Cloud increasingly need to be thought of together.

Gateway services from SAS let a business have one organisation accountable for end to end service across all these elements, and one account team and NOC who understand the whole environment.

Services accessed through the SAS Gateway become part of an integrated management and monitoring platform that supports an end to end customer experience.

We can support the whole IP path from your sites to the Cloud service provider or Cloud app provider.


Access to the best connectivity for each site

SAS brings access to multiple connectivity providers through the SAS Gateway.

This means that businesses can get the best connectivity for each site, without being tied to any one carrier. For each site, you can choose the carrier with the best delivery speed, performance, coverage, or price, according to your needs.


Flexibility and Agility

SAS Gateway services can be configured very quickly; potentially within days.

SAS can also offer commercial flexibility that may not be available from major carriers.


Peace of Mind
We are hugely confident in this service because we use it ourselves.

We are Business Continuity (ISO 22301) certified.  This ensures that we develop, implement and maintain resilient business continuity plans.

We are also Quality (ISO 9001), Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001) and Information Security (ISO 27001) certified. 

We hold major partner accreditations with many of the Tier 1 network carriers and Cisco.
In the last ten years we have successfully completed more than 16,000 highly commended infrastructure projects for business customers around the world.

SAS Gateway Clients

One of our clients recently benefitted from 500Mbps of resilient internet breakout through the SAS Gateway. Their breakout service comprises of resilient Internet bandwidth,  a new ASA firewall failover pair with Firepower, an additional rack in an SAS Data Centres to house the Firewalls and 500 Mbps bandwidth between Data Centres.

Resulting in 150% more internet bandwidth for 11% lower annual rental.

Another client was keen to deploy SAP on Amazon Web Services (AWS) because the platform offered increased agility and flexibility for systems development, and significant cost savings. The company needed to migrate its SAP suite of applications from a hosted data centre solution to the cloud. It was also essential to have a network infrastructure with the throughput and resilience to enable uninterrupted access for their 2,500 users.

SAS designed and implemented a hybrid WAN solution, working with other project stakeholders to engineer a smooth transition to AWS. This also resulted in significant cost savings for Private Cloud data usage.

The SAS Gateway connects your sites and network to a range of services.
It is a key component of the Hybrid Connectivity that we offer within our managed services.


Services available from the SAS Gateway

Each service can be consumed by itself or as part of bundle sharing common infrastructure. For example, a customer could have a number of sites that share a core Gateway bandwidth capacity of 200Mbps. Within this, the sites could have 100Mbps dedicated to private Cloud Access, 50Mbps to the internet and a further 50Mbps reserved for access to servers based in the SAS data Centres. Alternatively, customers could choose to oversubscribe the services, knowing that not all services will be used at any one time, such is the nature of data traffic.

SAS is transforming the way enterprises connect to Cloud Platforms and Applications. As the reliance on platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and a multitude of Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) applications grows, companies are increasing looking at how they connect to these services.

Originally the Internet was the only option but increasingly customers are concerned by the lack of security and unpredictability of a Public network. Private connections overcame these issues but are often cloaked in fixed-term, inflexible contracts which don’t align with rapidly changing workload and the application demands of cloud computing.

SAS has access to all the main Cloud Platform Providers such as AWS Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and Oracle Cloud in multiple locations. For example, SAS Gateway can connect to 37 different AWS and 91 Azure locations across the world. Once connected to the SAS Gateway a new connection can be live in a matter of minutes. And with minimum contracts of a month, enterprises can quickly set up and tear down private connections to cloud platforms and application without large financial and operational commitments.

Not only are private cloud connections quicker, more reliable and secure they often benefit from more attractive data usage rates. Both the leading Cloud Platform Providers, AWS and Azure, charge between 50-75% less per TB downloaded from the platform over a private connection compared to the public internet.

The SAS Gateway provides private access to our Hosted Voice platform and onward to the PSTN network. Voice is a critical but sensitive application on the network: It underpins business conversations, but the user experience of these conversations degrades badly under poor performance conditions. There is no ability to resend information with a real-time application. The data must arrive first time, quickly, all the time, which is why many companies choose to use a private network rather than the Public Internet to guarantee the performance.

By connecting to the SAS Gateway, the voice traffic can be segregated and prioritized from other traffic giving it the Quality of Service it requires.

Whereas Hosted Voice includes the telephony platform and features, the Handsets/soft phones and the connection to the PSTN, it is possible for customers to keep their on-premise telephone system and replace their ISDN lines with SIP Trunks to connect to the PSTN.

The PSTN Access network is due to be switched off in 2025 meaning that all voice connections will need to be via a SIP Platform. Service Providers are due to stop selling ISDN2, 30 and analogue phone connections by 2023 so customers should use the available time to understand and explore their options. Connection to a SIP platform will not only save money over ISDN rental but also adds a level of flexibility and agility which is not easily available with traditional ISDN services. Failover, disaster recovery plans, dynamic call routing and scalability are all much easier with SIP services which run over a customer’s data network.

Customers can connect to SIP providers over the internet but as with the full Hosted Voice service, SIP trunks and the voice calls they carry benefit from the security and reliability which comes with a private connection. With internet and private connectivity cost being the same there is no downside to private connectivity to SIP services, only improved performance.

When your business relies on the data flowing through your network, making sure the elements of that network connect together seamlessly is key. Agile connectivity creates agile networks.

This makes it easy to move your mission-critical workloads between infrastructure, connect up your offices, build a fully redundant network, and make sure your data is backed up in multiple regions.

The SAS Gateway has 100Gbps+ private, direct connectivity to more than 460 enabled Data Centres from 82 Unique Data Centres Operators across the globe. Well known Data Centre Operators such as Digital Realty, Equinix and Global Switch all have Data Centres with the ability to provision ports that can then directly connect back to the SAS Gateway in minutes. Bandwidth between the ports can also be scaled to your requirements and changed within minutes as those requirements change.

The SAS Gateway brings together several Carrier partners to provide the geographic coverage and access options to fulfill our customers private connectivity needs. SAS does not try to partner with as many providers as possible. Instead, our strategy is to identify a range of providers who meet our strict criteria of value for money, high network performance, product diversity and operational excellence.

By limiting the number of Carriers we work with to around ten SAS can form close working relationships during the entire engagement lifecycle Sales through to Delivery and Support which in turn benefits our customers.

SAS take fixed Line services from BT Wholesale, Talk Talk Business, Colt and CenturyLink to cover the full range of site access options from ADSL through to 10Gbps Fibre anywhere in the world and directly into the SAS Gateway. SAS also partners with all four Mobile operators in the UK to provide private 3G and 4G Mobile services directly to the SAS Gateway.

This choice of Carrier enables our customers to take the best access option at the best price from different Carriers and because they are all connected to the SAS Gateway it operates as a single private network with access to all the other SAS Gateway Services.

A Customer connects to the SAS Gateway to take advantage of a range of services provided privately, with quality assurance and under a single Managed Service. Once connected to the Gateway SAS can provide internet access from our diversely peered connections with two Internet Service Providers (ISP). SAS has been a member of RIPE, the European Internet Registry for many years and operate our own IP Address space and AS number.

In traditional networking each remote site would a dedicated local access connection for each service. Centralising internet access enables each connected to site to share not only Internet connectivity, meaning a lower overall bandwidth port but also the local access connection can support all the other services on the SAS Gateway.

If a customer intends to have Centralised Internet Access from the SAS Gateway, then they need to think how they are going to protect their private network from the Internet.

SAS can provide a dedicated fully Managed Cisco ASA Firewall with FirePower Services to protect against known and emerging threats, hosted with the SAS Gateway infrastructure.

Alternatively, SAS can provide a shared Managed Firewall service with Cisco Firepower services. Customer have a discreet instance of a Firewall on SAS’ context Firewall infrastructure with full customization for each customer.

With both Services customers can tailor the functionality and the service wrap to meet their budget and requirements.

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) is one of the largest Internet exchanges in the world, connecting over 880-member ASNs from over 80 countries around the globe. LINX continues to expand their London presence with 16 locations across the capital along with regional exchanges in Wales, Manchester and Scotland.

Peering with LINX gives SAS the opportunity to connect to all their members extremely cost effectively meaning if a customer has a service with another LINX member there is an opportunity for SAS to add access to that service through the SAS Gateway.

SAS already peer with Apple which gives access to IOS updates.

Within the suite of SAS gateway services, SAS has two locations with which customer can take racks and power within our Tier 3+ fully resilient Data Centres.

These are located in the Digital Realty facility in Redhill, just outside of the M25 in Surrey and with the Telehouse Campus in Docklands, central London

Digital Realty Redhill

Our Redhill Data Centre is of Tier 3+ standard with N+1 for cooling and secondary power and 2N for UPS. It has biometric scan, 24/7/365 on-site security and full CCTV access recording. We have a limited number of racks available for immediate deployment.

Telehouse North Two - Docklands

Telehouse North Two, Europe’s most advanced data centre, is the latest addition to the iconic London Docklands campus. With the first phase completed in summer 2016, Telehouse North Two clients will be part of Europe’s leading connectivity hub with access to an unparalleled 73,400 sqm of space, with over 530 carriers, ISPs and ASPs flowing into its Docklands campus.

As the primary home of the London Internet Exchange (LINX), the Docklands campus has around 900 private and public peering ports into LINX, making Telehouse Europe’s leading connectivity hub. With ultra-low latency routes to Europe, America, Russia, Africa and Asia, the Docklands campus is the ideal location for cloud and content service provision.

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