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Managed SD WAN takes the effort and risk out of moving to SD WAN.  It frees you to enjoy the benefits of SD WAN and to concentrate on your wider IT objectives.

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Managed SD WAN from SAS

We offer SD WAN from an industry leading vendor, alongside advanced Hybrid Networks and a world- leading monitoring platform to give you the best network, the best application performance, the least hassle and the best price we can possibly deliver. We manage your carriers so that you don’t have to!

  • SD WAN overlay from Cisco Meraki - one of the leading vendors in the market

  • On a global Hybrid Network underlay blending multiple technologies from multiple carriers

  • Built-in gateway to cloud and other applications

  • All visible in a single pane of glass

  • With the peace of mind of a fully managed service

  • Options for co-management on both underlay and overlay

  • Global Managed service to free your IT team to deliver value to the business

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DIY vs Managed SD WAN Guide

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SD WAN Benefits Guide

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Benefits To Your Business

Our Hybrid networks are multi-carrier and multi-technology to give you the best price, performance, deployment and experience. They can be SD WAN enabled today, or SD WAN ready for tomorrow.

The best price possible

We blend carriers and technologies to optimise the price of every premises, and minimise installation cost with zero touch deployment. We offer transparent pricing for peace of mind.

The fastest deployment

Our hybrid networks let you choose circuits that deliver fastest for each site, and our 4G WAN circuits offer 2 day delivery with seamless transition to permanent circuits.

The best performance & uptime

Our advanced monitoring shows the whole application path, raises 95% of key issues proactively and allows detailed reporting and drill-down to show issues and long-term trends.

Let's Investigate Your Managed SD WAN Needs

We specialise in the deployment, management and real-time performance monitoring of Network, Infrastructure and Applications for mid-market and enterprise businesses.

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Why Choose SAS For Your Managed SD WAN

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User Experience

We design around your users, your applications and your priorities so your network truly delivers the user experience that your business needs.

Cost Effective

We match your speed, reliability and cost priorities to what is available in that location.

Best In Class

We have developed a best in class process to Consult, Design, Deploy and Support to guarantee that you get precisely the network you need.

Problem Solving

We can tell you which application, user or device is the root cause of the problem, and follow the path of an application across the network.

Business Relationships

We think you’ll like working with SAS. We offer a flexible, complete, responsive service and we like to make things easy for our customers.

Tailored Support

We have a wide range of support functions and we offer multiple configurations so that you can get precisely the service that you want.

Our Managed SD WAN Includes

We provide expert named resource to help you shape your network and infrastructure, deal with problems and plan for the future.

Consultation and design

Our Technical Design service helps you to scope a solution that fully meets your needs. We help you shape the technical architecture, infrastructure, applications, and the selection of carriers and vendors. This will give you an SD WAN design that works with your applications, your cloud platforms and your underlay.


We can handle everything from ordering and licensing, through staging, configuration, and deployment to the setup of your end-point devices. These are also photographed in-situ for future reference and on-boarded into our monitoring platform. Your hardware is fully protected by break-fix maintenance.


We use proven people, processes and systems to take the disruption
and risk out of installing your SD WAN network. Deployment includes technical project management, carrier provisioning, network engineering and then setup and tuning of the SD WAN overlay.


We marry the Meraki SD WAN management portal with world-beating management and monitoring of your underlay and the rest of your infrastructure and applications. Our advanced monitoring, alerting and reporting helps identify and fix network and application performance issues, and plan for the future. We offer a unique common portal: you see what we see, whether that’s performance, issues or change requests.

incident and problem management

We raise 95% of key issues proactively, and we manage those through to resolution using from our 24x7 UK based Network Operations Centre. We provide root cause analysis and corrective action following incidents. Issues are tracked on your portal.

change management

We offer controlled changes to reflect the changes you need to make to your network and to keep it up to date. Change requests are visible on your portal. We store device configurations securely, to assist with change control and service restoration.

automated patches and upgrades

We provide automated, scheduled upgrades to ensure your devices have the latest features and security patches.

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Managed Meraki SD WAN Brochure

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Metro Bank

Metro Bank is probably one of the fastest growing retailers in the UK today and, with a portfolio of 60 stores and plans to reach around 100 by 2020, that trend looks set to continue. Metro Bank’s wide area network provides voice and data connectivity to all of its retail stores, back offices and data centres.

“SAS has the ability to flex to our requirements and isn’t rigid,” said John. “SAS helps us to meet our business requirements. They want us to be delighted. They know that if they give us great service, they become sticky and we’ll carry on working with them because we see value.” - John Rabbetts, director of IT infrastructure and operations.

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