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WAN: How to choose an MPLS provider

New site connection time

Businesses usually need sites deployed quickly, but most fixed line technologies take months to deliver and unexpected delays wreak havoc with plans. 

What's more different carriers have wildly differing delivery times.  To illustrate, see if you can guess how long it takes to install a fibre Ethernet circuit in the UK:




You may have noticed that one of those times (2 days) was markedly shorter than others.  How is that possible?

Yes - it is possible to deliver circuits within a few days, using 4G Services.  Many of our customers use our multi-SIM, multi-carrier 4G Rapid Site Deployment services to do just that.

But is that relevant to sites with large numbers of users?  Surely it can't be fast enough?

Well if it's done properly it can support hundreds of users. See our guide to 4G WAN for more details. However, few MPLS providers are able to do this, so check whether they can before you short-list.

Here are a few questions to ask:

  • What is your published lead time for fibre circuits?
  • Do you offer rapid site deployment using 4G?
    • Do you offer multi-SIM and multi-carrier to provide performance for multiple users?
    • Do you offer both WAN and Internet options?
  • What is your lead time for 4G? (It should be no more than a few days)
    • Is that lead time from when you're first engaged, or from when an order is taken?
  • Can you seamlessly migrate from 4G to the fixed circuit when that is eventually delivered?