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SIP Trunking: Overview

SIP trunking benefits         

Major benefits associated with SIP trunking circulate around cost savings. But there is more to SIP trunking than cost. These can be broken down into a few categories:

Ongoing Costs

Purchasing a SIP trunk is cheaper than a new PSTN or ISDN line. The ongoing charges will be significantly reduced due SIP costing around 8 times less. This is completely scalable. The more SIP trunks you require, the greater the saving.

No Installation

As you scale up the number of ISDN circuits you require, there will be an associated cost for an engineer to install the service. You will likely require your PBX maintainer to attend site to attach the new phone lines to the PBX too.

With SIP trunks, once the initial configuration is completed on your PBX, adding additional capacity comes without an installation fee and doesn’t require a site visit. Hence, adding further SIP trunks to your telephony environment is simpler and cheaper than adding new ISDN lines.

As no engineer is required to attend site, you should also expect much improved lead times when making changes to your SIP setup.

Cloud Functionality

Like with most cloud technologies, the door is opened to new functionality.

SIP introduces simple administration via a cloud-based portal. This removes the need to call and schedule and routine changes that an administrator may need to contact their service provider for today.

Disaster recovery is introduced as SIP trunks can apply rules for when the service is not available. If your power or PBX is down, the SIP trunks can route to an alternative destination – via the cloud - so your business can continue, and your customers are unaware of any issue.