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SIP Trunking: Overview

SIP trunking explained

When talking to your business about SIP trunking, it’s handy to have a guide covering all bases. Utilise this post as your catch all fact sheet when discussing your SIP implementation.

Key topics and queries answered in this post include:

  1. What is SIP trunking?
  2. How SIP works
  3. What is the impact of your network on SIP trunking?
  4. Key benefits of SIP trunking
  5. Using SIP with your existing equipment
  6. How to get started with SIP trunking

Whether you’re deploying SIP for the first time or you are a SIP veteran, new questions always arise.

Different departments and users have niche requirements and nuances. However, these are often satisfied by providing an understanding of how the technology works. This guide explains SIP trunking, so your IT team can focus their attentions on preparing for your deployment.