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SIP Trunking: Overview

The future of SIP trunking

Whether you are already a SIP user or are thinking about deploying SIP in your business, you have a right to expect more from SIP in the future.

The outstanding benefit of all cloud technology is it is future-proof and incredibly flexible. As new features and functionality are made available, SIP platforms filter this functionality through to you.

SIP adoption has risen and risen over the last 10 years. Industry analysts predict this pattern to continue indefinitely as businesses must find an alternative solution to ISDN. SIP is the favoured cloud solution.

Unlike ISDN, there is no upper limit with SIP trunks. Therefore, businesses will not need to upgrade to the next available technology at any point. Existing PBXs can be utilised for their lifetime - if desired. At no point in the foreseeable future should you need to move away from SIP for your business communications – as long as your PBX continues to satisfy your functionality requirements. When you do decide that you need more functionality from your phone system, your deployment of SIP trunking has already put your foot in the door of cloud telephony.