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Hosted Voice: Overview

Hosted voice products

When designing your hosted voice solution, there are key components like the core voice platform, but there are also bolt-on products that drive innovation and higher productivity within your business.

The number of bolt-on type products differs from vendor to vendor. Generally, these products look similar as they are all trying to reach the same end goal: enhance the core solution. Included with our hosted voice solution are some industry leading peripheral products that could transform your business even in a standalone capacity. We include them in our hosted voice solution to offer these best of breed technologies to be consumed when required.

  • Go Integrator – pulling together your real time and non-real time communications is crucial for businesses to operate at optimum performance. By adding functionality into applications like Salesforce, Dynamics and Skype for Business, it is like you’ve purchased a new product.
  • Dubber Call Recording – call recording requirements have changed over time; industry specific regulations mean longer retention periods and strict storage considerations. With these taken care of as standard, Dubber opens the door to doing more with call recording. Its intelligent engine allows transcription and keyword searching, as well as sentiment and emotion analysis.
  • Akixi Real Time Reporting - During and after a call, there is a lot of data to digest. With Akixi, you get the power to react in real-time to events such managing missed calls to ensure every customer is called back, as well as pro-active information to alert you when set queues exceed their thresholds.
  • BlueJeans Video Conferencing – Video conferencing services empower a business to offer face to face meetings without leaving the office. A natural step up from audio conferencing, BlueJeans enables content sharing, peer to peer and multi-party video connected into your existing video endpoints.
  • Polycom RealPresence Trio – the ultimate conference phone that can cater for all your meeting room and conferencing needs. Combining unrivalled HD voice quality with powerful video and content performance, the Polycom RealPresence Trio is the perfect solution for your meeting spaces.