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Hosted Voice: Overview

Trends driving demand for hosted voice

You are not the only business evaluating hosted voice right now. Adoptions stats show that the VoIP market will grow to over $200bn by 2020 and that the average cost of calling will reduce by 90% through VoIP adoption. It is right to acknowledge that demand for hosted voice is on a continuous upward curve. It is better to know the reasons why there is such keen demand for hosted voice.

Staff are more mobile than ever. Through innovations like guest and social Wi-Fi, 4G calling and video conferencing, your business has employees that require collaboration outside of the office. Mobility is a key trend driving demand for voice.

Trust and reliance on tools to automate processes is at it’s highest. Through the introduction of devices like Alexa and Google Home, consumers have started to trust tools and applications to do their work for them. Hosted voice is no different. Businesses can employ an intelligent IVR or a constant VoIP monitoring system to conduct the mundane tasks that do not require genuine human interaction.

Just like trust in automation, cloud confidence has reached an all time high. As technology has evolved, businesses have started to put applications, servers and data in the cloud. In the modern world where cloud technology is widely recognised as safe and secure, businesses have made an informed decision to migrate their phone system to the cloud too.