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Hosted Voice: Overview

Benefits of hosted voice

It’s easy to talk about the benefits of hosted voice because there are so many. Each individual feature can bring a different benefit to a different user. When evaluating whether to choose hosted voice or stick with your on-premises solution, hosted voice is usually broken down in the following categories of benefits:

  • Feature richness – when exploring cloud phone systems, you can fully expect an influx of new features that you have been calling out for, or may not have known existed but you will become reliant on
  • Productivity gains – when adopting new features and functionality, you will see your business start to free up time and work more cohesively; better technology usually drives a better working environment
  • Total scalability – unlike when making changes on your existing PBX, hosted voice enables you to make on the fly changes with no upper or lower limit
  • Rapid deployment capabilities – every time you open a new site, hosted voice is configurable on demand and doesn’t take months of planning and installation
  • Secure infrastructure – no longer do you need to worry about on-site security concerns as service providers employ carrier grade security and privacy practices when hosting your phone system
  • Integration into business critical applications – no business runs on communications alone so the ability to integrate into your most frequently used applications means more and improved functionality from your existing investments
  • Crystal clear HD voice – when moving from one phone system to another, the core will always be calling; users expect an improvement as standard when upgrading a phone system and will be impressed with the clarity of voice and video calls
  • Detailed reporting and analytics – the deeper insight into your business communications, the more you can do to improve them; when deploying hosted telephony, you are engulfing your business in mountains of data and information that is handily translated into reports, graphs and analysis for you to base your business decisions on
  • In-built disaster recovery – there is no longer an acceptable reason for your business communications to be down; be it reactive or automatic, disaster recovery scenarios can be pre built to ensure your business always has access to the phone
  • Overall cost reduction – with the endless features and benefits, you could be fooled into thinking that your costs will go up; reality is that you only need pay for the features you consume, and cloud technology has enabled a better, more cost effective way to purchase PBX technology.