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Hosted Voice: Overview

Hosted voice features      

Some providers publish their list of features for their hosted voice solutions. Reality is that there are so many features that redirecting you to a feature list doesn’t benefit anybody.

Traditional phone systems of old came with feature cards that informed you of the 50 things your phone can do. As cloud technology has matured, not only has the functionality set expanded exponentially, but new features will continue to be added to on a regular basis.

The core features of hosted voice will always include things like HD calling, disaster recovery and various operational functions like transferring, music on hold and call recording. Discussing these features would be the same with most provider – and doesn’t help differentiate between solutions, providers or even on-premises vs cloud.

Hosted voice comes into its own when you explore the exceptional features. The stand out items that you simply cannot implement on your current phone system.

  • Acoustic fence technology leverages the power of VoIP and your network to deliver soundproofing your desk – never again will you be interrupted by background noise or the shuffling of documents by your neighbour
  • Never miss a call again with find me follow me functionality and intelligent call routing – when important business calls come in, ensure they are answered every single time
  • Self service enables you to free up additional resource and empower people to deliver the value add services that are so crucial to businesses
  • Team collaboration means so much more than getting together on a Monday morning – hosted voice enables true team collaboration; be it verbally, written, real-time or after the event
  • Enhanced analytics allow you to glean insights into your business with the click of a button – historical and real-time reporting can help you allocate resource and transform your business communications