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Hosted Voice: Overview

Is your on-premises PBX costing you more than you think?

If you compare on-premises and cloud PBXs side by side, there will be some glaringly obvious differences. The technical architecture is completely different. The features and functionality changes from limited to unlimited. But, most importantly and most obvious is the cost difference.

The items on your initial invoice were no doubt considerable compared to the expected up-front costs of a cloud PBX. Cloud technologies are favourable for those companies looking to switch from a Capex model to an Opex model. On top of this, there will be some regular outgoings that you may not have planned for when you first purchased your PBX.

Items that don’t appear on your PBX purchase invoice are the hidden costs that just get paid as they are deemed business essentials. Items like phone lines, engineering, repairs, maintenance, additional licenses and usage are viewed as part and parcel of an ongoing business.

As you move to cloud technology, and cloud PBXs in particular, these costly items get wrapped up into one license that cover everything. By moving from an on-premises PBX to a cloud PBX, you have a clear view of the charges you should expect to pay for the next 3-5 years. When business planning, cost is king.