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Hosted Voice: Overview

Why now is the right time to implement hosted voice

If the features, benefits and trends are enough to sway you towards hosted voice immediately, there are some key elements that you should contemplate before dismissing making the move.

Keeping up with competition

Simply, if you nearest competitor is using better technology, they have more chance of winning business that you otherwise might have won.

Getting ahead of competition

And vice versa. Given the choice, your business should be the one that gets ahead of the competition. A leading hosted voice platform can be used as the platform for a business to be completely market dominating.

Attracting the best talent

Dominating a market often means expanding and recruiting for new staff. When seeking and hiring new talent, demands and expectations have changed. If the technology available in an interviewees pocket can do more than your phone system, they are likely going to accept an offer elsewhere.

Retaining talent

The other end of the talent spectrum is looking after your own. Simple things like not having a line available or a salesperson’s client not being able to contact them can deteriorate even the best of working relationships. A forward thinking, innovative company can retain its best staff by always keeping up with technology.


The four points above all point to productivity. Better technology enables a more productive workforce. People buy from and want to work for the most productive companies. If your phone system is the hub of your business, it is the right time to implement hosted voice.