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4G WAN Overview

What is 4G WAN?

4G WAN leverages the mobile data network to provide you with a reliable, high speed connection through multiple 4G SIM cards from a mix of carriers.

The technology bonds these SIMs together into a single data connection and connects to your corporate network, the internet, or both.

This means you can:

  • Provide interim connectivity until permanent circuits are installed
  • Provide connections for temporary or seasonal events
  • Provide connectivity to mobile sites such as cars, buses, trains and boats
  • Achieve high-performance backup for your network that is diversely routed in the last mile
  • Connect sites that are prohibitively expensive to connect with fixed lines

The technology provides a flexible, robust and cost-effective alternative to fixed line circuits. In particular, it can be implemented extremely quickly.  Services such as FTTC can take weeks to implement.  Fibre Ethernet can take months, and frequently suffers unplanned delays associated with digging roads and pavements to lay fibre.  

Ultimately, 4G WAN keeps businesses digitally agile, with infrastructure that allows them to stay connected and respond quickly to scenarios they face.