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4G WAN Overview

Rapid Site Deployment from SAS

Rapid Site Deployment (RSD) is SAS’ innovative 4G WAN service offering business grade performance and resilience for the most demanding applications via a bonded multi-SIM, multi-carrier solution. With RSD, your solution can be provisioned, on-site and active within as little as two days.  We can offer solutions to all the scenarios outlined within this guide.

A different approach

Unlike other MSPs, we bond multiple SIMs from multiple mobile operators. Furthermore, we’ll provide up to 18 SIMs when needed. This gives reliable, high speed connections for critical applications. Alongside this, our service is fully-managed – giving you peace of mind and flexibility.

Our solution is designed to address three key business challenges:

  • Temporary site deployment
  • Mobile and remote site connectivity
  • Resilience and diverse site connectivity

How we work

Consult: We consult on the design that will achieve the best connectivity for each situation you need to address, drawing on expertise gained from many hundreds of deployments.

Design: We’ll design a solution to match your needs, combining the best hardware, network operators and data packages for each deployment.

Install & Configure: We will install and configure each of your sites to make sure you obtain optimum performance.

Support: We’ll provide year-round support for your solution, including monitoring and usage management, tailored to match the business-critical needs of your sites and applications.