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4G WAN Overview


Most IT teams know the challenge of keeping colleagues joined-up and information flowing during changes to their business, their buildings or their connectivity.

Sometimes you need to roll out connectivity in places where there’s little or no existing infrastructure. Sometimes you may need to restore connectivity in disaster situations. Occasionally you may need to join networks after a corporate merger.

What’s most important is that you do this quickly, reliably and with the minimum of fuss. You cannot afford to have your operations compromised. The impact on the business would be unthinkable and the pressure on you and your team would be enormous.

4G WAN technology is about ensuring that this never happens. Think of it as your enterprise-class connectivity-in-a-box, providing your workforce with instant access to your corporate network and the internet from the moment you turn it on – wherever, whenever. It’s robust and offers great quality with no lengthy lead times.

The result? You can obtain reliable short-term connectivity before a fixed line is set up, respond to seasonal or temporary events, connect vehicles and tackle disaster situations.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to this technology, helping you to understand how it works, the problems it solves and the questions you should be asking before you implement it.