UK WAN Research Panel


Get insight about the Networking topics you face

From people like you, in businesses like yours.

What is the UK WAN Research Panel?

  • The Panel samples IT and Network professionals
    for their experiences and opinions across relevant topics.
  • It shares the insights so that every member learns from their peers.
    It also allows members to pose their own questions.

The Panel covers Networking,  Cloud Access, Network Security and related fields.  

Why should I join?

  • Hear structured insight about Networking topics you face
  • From people like you
  • In businesses like yours.

You can even put your own questions to the panel! 

And we regularly run incentives to thank people for inputs.

Who can join?

  • Anyone who directs, designs, delivers or supports  IT and Networking
  • We're keen to hear from people in mid-sized and Enterprise businesses
  • Especially UK-headquartered,  with UK or global footprint. 

Is the research anonymous?

Yes!  We do not publish the names of people or businesses.

What's involved?

  • Take a short profiling survey to help segment future insights (2 mins)
  • Then complete any survey in your own time (typically 3 mins each)
  • Finish each survey with a question you'd like put to the panel
    We  review these for inclusion in future surveys or as one-off questions to the panel

What next?

  • Receive insights from the surveys you have completed
    These are circulated periodically once sufficient surveys are completed
  • We occasionally contact panelists direct to discuss their surveys

How do I start?

  • Complete the form and we'll enrol you into the first survey

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