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The answer is
Rapid Site Deployment

Quickly provision connectivity to your
construction, temporary and remote
sites with rapid site deployment.

Sometimes you need to roll out connectivity in places where there’s little or no existing infrastructure. Often you need to do this fast.This is what Rapid Site Deployment is all about: connectivity in a box, providing your workforce with instant access to your corporate network and the internet from the moment you turn it on. It’s incredibly robust and offers great performance and security, without the worry of lengthy fixed-line lead times.The result? You can have internet and corporate network connectivity from the moment you start work on your new site.  And you can have peace of mind from a service that we have deployed many hundreds of times for major construction companies.

RSD Diagram - Vodafone version

How does it work?

We utilise mobile technology because it’s quick and easy to provision without having to rely on fixed line infrastructure which can take months to provision. The result is that you get a fast, flexible and reliable service instantly.

We use 4G SIM cards from the UK’s leading mobile networks and combine them into a single connection that’s fast, secure and connects you to the internet or your corporate network. We use bonding to achieve the reliability and speed that you need

Rapid Site Deployment from SAS Global Communications

What are the benefits?

It’s fast: Our service can be deployed to your site within two working days, meaning you can wave goodbye to lengthy lead times and focus on your project.

It’s robust: We’ll bond the right mix of SIMs to give a reliable, high performance connection to your site. Six SIMs from two carriers is common, but we've used 18 before!

It’s secure: We use a secure internet tunnel and split your data across multiple mobile carriers. We also have options that avoid the internet altogether.

It’s managed by us, for you: We design, deliver, commission and optimise.  We then support you every step of the way, providing a fully-managed service that’s monitored 24/7. You’re in safe hands.

It’s all in one box:  Everything you need arrives together, and our engineer will deploy and configure it for you. All you need to do is start using it. Ready to go in as little as two days!

It’s flexible:  We can provide connectivity to the internet or direct into your WAN.  Our service can move with you wherever you go, meaning it can be recycled across projects.

Construction Sites

Ensure your construction teams
are always in touch with head
office, your apps and data.

Temporary Sites

Quickly pop your comms up
and down at festivals and

Remote Locations

Give the gift of connectivity to
places where there’s little or
no existing infrastructure.

In-Vehicle Connectivity

Turn your vehicles into remote
offices and stay connected on
the go.

Business Continuity Planning

Weather any storm by rapidly
deploying a backup network if
your primary service goes down.

Network Mergers

Support mergers and
acquisitions by combining
your networks quickly and seamlessly.

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What's in the box?

We're often asked what's involved with the 4G WAN technology in our Rapid Site Deployment solution.  Here's a short video that explains what the engineer will be bringing to site, and how it's put together!

Rapid Site Deployment Unboxing

Why SAS?

With years of experience and many hundreds of deployments, we take Rapid Site Deployment seriously. We provide you with an award-winning, end-to-end service that’s bespoke to your requirements and provides the reliable, high performance connectivity you need for your site.


"We are using this on at least 50% of
our construction sites. We are
extremely pleased with the solution."


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