Waterloo Housing Group builds new customer portal with SAS

London - Waterloo Housing Group (WHG) provides and builds social housing and new homes across the Midlands and Lincolnshire. WHG manages more than 19,500 homes across central England, from the Welsh Borders to the Wash. The SAS Managed Applications team has been selected by WHG to provide the design for their innovative new advance customer portal. WHG has a reputation for being efficient, cost effective and innovative and having looked around for a portal solution, they felt that ‘off the shelf’ products did not go far enough for their tenants. SAS is utilising an agile user experience process to rapidly design and document a solution that will bring the best elements of customer service, financial services and ecommerce together in one mobile experience.

The initial phases of the project include working with the WHG steering committee to agree the business priorities, vision and success factors, before moving on to the functional design phase, where low fidelity simulations will be used to bring the software to life before any programming is carried out. Taking this ‘play first’ approach ensures the design matches stakeholders’ expectations and usability requirements, before any expensive development is carried out.

The SAS collaborative (almost social) design process ensures the virtual team can work on the project when it suits them, maintaining the velocity of the project, without impacting significantly on everyone’s day jobs. Following their core value for social responsibility WHG is designing the solution from the outset to be delivered using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, so that other housing associations and their tenants can also benefit from their pioneering approach.

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