The International Council for Mining and Metals re-signs with SAS Global Communications for 10th year

London - SAS Global Communications, an international provider of managed network and professional services, has announced the renewal of its managed services contract with the International Council for Mining and Metals (ICMM) for the 10th year in succession. The latest agreement provides network management and helpdesk services for the organisation’s London based headquarters, including 24/7 monitoring and on-site support.

ICMM is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 2001 to improve sustainable development performance in the mining and metals industry. Today, the council brings together 21 mining and metals companies as well as 32 national and regional mining associations and global commodity associations.

“ICMM serves as an agent for change and continual improvement in the mining and metals industry,” said Duncan Robertson, director, administration and operations for ICMM. “One of the ways that we do this is by helping our members share best practices with each other and more broadly throughout the industry around the world.”
For the ICMM, technology plays an important role in the delivery of its member services and Duncan believes that SAS is pivotal to that process.

“We’ve only got 23 people in the organisation and none are IT specialists so we depend on SAS to deal with our IT requirements, not only at a strategic level but also on a day to day basis,” said Duncan.

Since first engaging with ICMM, SAS has completed a number of professional services projects for ICMM, including the design and installation of its current Cisco-based network infrastructure.

“One of our most recent projects with SAS involved setting up an external disaster recovery facility,” said Duncan. “SAS helped us define the strategy for a hosted data centre solution and now takes care of monitoring and managing our backup and DR process.”

In addition to managing ICMM’s backup and disaster recovery process, SAS’s managed services division also provides monitoring and support services for the organisation’s LAN and application infrastructure, including the provision of an on-site helpdesk engineer.

Duncan believes the success of the relationship is largely down to honesty, responsiveness and technical expertise, he commented:
“We’ve never considered going elsewhere for our core services – we get good value from SAS. If we have a problem, we always get a good, fast response, which is really important when you’re supporting people all over the world.”

“SAS will always try to recommend what is in our best interest, sometimes when it may not be in theirs so I know we’re getting objective advice,” said Duncan.
“We’re absolutely delighted that so many of our managed services customers, like ICMM, continue to renew their contracts with SAS more than a decade after they first engaged with us,” said Charles Davis CEO for SAS Global Communications. “Whilst we don’t intend to become complacent, this does provide a good indication that, in spite of rapid growth and change within SAS, we are still managing to maintain the quality of service and experience that our customers expect to receive.”

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