SAS wins the ITE Vertical Market Solution of the year award

Vertical Market Solution of the Year - SAS Global Communications Ltd

We're delighted to have won an IT Europa European IT and Software Excellence award.  

We won the Vertical Market Solution of the year award, which is for Application Developers and ISVs.

IT Europa recognised the work we did for a major private hospital group and a leading supplier of track and trace solutions,  to solve a problem that all hospitals face. 

Hospitals typically store surgical instruments on-site until required for an operation, after which they send them to the sterile services department for sterilisation and then return them to storage.  In large hospital networks, this results in inefficient use of expensive assets and high loan costs when one hospital borrows kits that are sitting unused in a hospital nearby.

Our solution has enabled the hospital group to revolutionise this process, going from a reactive to a proactive service with optimised logistics.  We developed a unique scheduling solution, linked to the hospital’s Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system, which ensures that the right instrumentation is delivered in time for the surgical procedure.  This allows clusters of hospitals to work together to reduce, and then efficiently share their large estates of instrumentation, reducing new capex and reducing third party loan costs at individual hospitals.

This is a worldwide first in the healthcare sector.

Well done, team! 


This was originally an award for 2020, delayed until the 2021 ITE awards event due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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