SAS wins ITE SME Solution of the Year for our Network Monitoring and Digital Platform

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SME Solution of the Year Award

We're thrilled to announce that we have won IT Europa's European IT and Software Excellence award - SME Solution of the Year. 

We have developed a market-leading network monitoring platform for our customers' network, infrastructure and applications, integrated into a management platform that is digital from end to end.

The monitoring platform gives customers a unified dashboard that covers all elements of their network, infrastructure and applications within a single pane of glass.  It can be used by SAS staff, partners and customers alike to see everything they need within a single portal.

The system is real-time and self-service.  It combines everything required for us to provide our proactive managed service, and for customers and partners to leverage it. This includes pricing, ordering, provisioning, inventory, CRM, live ticketing and billing.  Several elements stand out.

  • Our Advanced Reporting Module (ARM) lets you drill down into full detail while retaining both real time and historical  information to provide deep-dive trending and performance analysis.  Amongst other benefits, ARM allows us to trace difficult and intermittent problems and also to offer proactive insights and long range planning requirements. 
  • Critical Path Monitoring helps make sense of complex, potentially overwhelming data sets.  It presents a traffic-light summary of the overall health of critical applications.  It allows drill-down to a simple topology view of the entire IP path of each application, with each element colour coded according to its health. It then allows further drill down to all of the underlying monitoring data.

  • Of particular note is the deep integration between our own internal systems and market-leading third party systems such as SolarWinds.

This award is a great recognition of the strides we have taken to digitise our business processes and to deliver exciting benefits to customers such as the Sahara Force India F1 team.

See this post for more information about how we conceived this project as part of our bid to be the best managed network provider.



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