SAS recognised as a Top 10 SD WAN provider

SAS - Top 10 SD WAN provider in the UK

We're very proud to have been recognised by Enterprise Networking Magazine as one of the  top SD WAN providers in the UK.

Enterprise Networking Magazine, a B2B technology magazine that reaches 65,000 readers across the UK and Europe, has included SAS in its Annual Edition on 'SD-WAN 2020'.

The magazine has compiled a list of the top 10 SD WAN consulting and service partners in the UK, to help decision makers choose the right consulting and service partner to source, design and build their networks.   We are delighted to be included in this list.

The June edition carries a feature article on SAS, which describes how we help to transform the networks of Mid-sized businesses with Managed SD WAN.  It highlights why more and more businesses are seeking help with transformations, and how we have become a trailblazer for Meraki SD WAN in the UK, becoming one of their top Managed Service Provider partners.

"Companies are increasingly looking to digitalise their business processes and modernise networks to support new IT projects and move applications to the cloud”, says Simon Cranford, our CIO.  "This has triggered several transitions in tandem: increased cloud traffic, the use of Internet alongside private networks, SDWAN adoption and consequent security changes. Together, these developments have far-reaching consequences for the WAN.

“More importantly, businesses find it challenging to get these transformations right”, says Simon, “If these changes are not designed carefully alongside the WAN, IT projects may come to a grinding halt.”

The Enterprise Networking Magazine article highlights some of the work we're doing to help mid-sized businesses in particular, calling out several examples.

You can read the feature article here: 

SAS Global Communications - Transforming Mid-Market Networks with Managed SD WAN


You can also find the article on the Enterprise Networking Magazine website, within the Europe / SDN section:


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