SAS presents cellular rapid site deployment at Viprinet Partner Conference 2015

London – SAS Global Communications, an international provider of Managed and Professional Network Services, presented their cellular multi-sim and multi-carrier rapid site deployment solution for the carrier industry at the global Viprinet partner conference. Using Viprinet bonded VPN solutions, SAS has designed, built and deployed a global managed service for carriers, outsourcers and systems integrators. It allows them to provide their customers with medium to high bandwidth and carrier diverse connectivity within 48 hours and on a flexible monthly contract term. The service reduces a growing risk from fibre circuits being delayed by lack of fibre capacity and line plant, excess construction charges and landlord wayleave delays.

"SAS Global Communications provided great insight into white label rapid deployment cellular WAN solutions that they provide to the carrier market using Virpinet high availability bonding solutions”, said Frank Ruge, Chief Sales Officer of Viprinet. “SAS Global Communications continues to create new and innovative service provider solutions which are being adopted by major carriers and systems integrators across Europe.”

“The demand for medium to high bandwidth multi-sim and multi carrier bonded cellular VPN solutions continues to grow across Europe. Companies need to be agile and responsive to the demands of their business but carriers take months or years to provide service,” said Charles Davis, CEO of SAS Global Communications. “Companies need high bandwidth interim connectivity solutions whilst they wait for fibre circuits. SAS can offer that lifeline to allow them to mobilise faster and start transacting within days. With cellular, satellite and DSL based services, SAS can manage the communications lifecycle to provide the optimal service to a new company site whilst the carriers deliver their fixed line fibre circuits.”

The Viprinet Days conference took place on 2nd September 215 at Bingen am Rhein in Germany. Over 90 partners from all over Europe, Africa and the US attended.
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