SAS Monitoring gets an exciting update - IoT and billing developments coming soon

We’re delighted to announce the next update to our Managed Networks Monitoring platform.


Alongside a number of performance updates and security enhancements, version 5.2 will bring a change to the user interface, with a new navigation scheme for accessing the monitoring tools our customers use.


There will also be a visual refresh, with more room on the screen for user's information, and a simplified layout that eliminates visual noise to help them focus on what’s important.


This update will go live on November 15th, 2016. 


You may be interested in in the recent launches of our Unified Dashboard, and our Critical Path Monitoring tool.


We are very excited about further changes that will be coming in the next few months.


We are adding back-end functionality in anticipation of the release of new SAS IoT services planned for early 2017. This will allow us to manage and monitor Hybrid WAN and cellular WAN solutions in more depth and blend them seamlessly with fixed line networking. 


We are also finalising new billing functionality that will delight clients who have problems with their carrier bills.  With this development we will be able to take over billing of customers' services to introduce much-needed simplification and accuracy.  We will also be able to help clients who want to simplify billing across Hybrid WAN networks from multiple carriers.


We look forward to announcing these soon!


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