Next Generation Application Performance Monitoring has arrived

We're excited to announce the launch of our Next Generation Application Performance Monitoring platform.


The platform is designed to give clients a single pane of glass view of their entire IT infrastructure. 


The new platform is complete, connected and clear:


  • Complete - All the important information about network, infrastructure and applications is in one place - not just availability and performance, but maps, inventory, incidents, reporting and alerts.

  • Connected - Information is linked. Our customers and helpdesk see the same information and can drill down for faster troubleshooting.
  • Clear - Our new Critical Path Monitoring service shows the whole application path of critical applications in one place. This makes finding and fixing performance issues significantly faster.

We built the Next Generation Application Performance Monitoring platform to run our own application performance management. It's part of our digitalisation program, that aims to make every step of every process faster, easier and with fewer errors. Launching it to our customers is the next step in giving them the best network management service and the best managed IT service available.




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