SAS launches bonded 4G service that is on-net with UK carriers


As part of SAS’s continued investment in a UK centre of excellence for hybrid networking, we have added new carrier interconnects to our bonded 4G / LTE platform. We now offer multi-carrier, multi-sim, connectivity not just to the internet but direct into the private WANs of customers using the supported carriers.  We provide this to end clients, telecoms resellers and systems integrators.

We have enabled the bonded 4G platform to be on-net to a growing number of the UK’s major carrier private MPLS, VPLS and IP VPN networks. This allows for the deployment of 30-200 Mbps Ethernet style bandwidth within two days anywhere in the UK.

The UK carrier networks that are now on-net to this platform are:

  • BT IP Connect
  • BT IP Converge
  • BT Ethernet Connect
  • BT Wholesale Ethernet
  • Colt IP VPN
  • Level 3 MPLS/IP VPN

More carrier network options are planned in the second half of 2017.

The SAS bonded 4G LTE service provides private WAN or public internet connections for customers/systems integrators and resellers who need:

  • Contingency for circuit delays
  • Rapid site deployment
  • Temporary site deployment
  • Remote location connectivity
  • In-vehicle connectivity
  • Business continuity planning – Carrier and technology resilience and diverse site connectivity.
  • Network mergers (e.g. to support Mergers and Acquisitions)

Discover more about rapid site deployment by visiting our website page, or downloading our free brochure by simply clicking on the image below.

 Download the Rapid Site Deployment Brochure



By bringing our 4G LTE hosted service on-net to these carriers, it allows businesses and resellers to:

  • Provide high availability, multi-sim, multi-carrier IP connectivity of between 30-200Mbps.
  • Connect sites in days rather than months in the UK and Europe.
  • Charge on a rolling monthly contract at a price equivalent to an Ethernet service.
  • Provide a full service from deployment, monitoring and management to collection and redeployment.

For many companies, the requirement may be a single unit once or twice a year, but for some customers or resellers needing a solution with a high volume of 4G LTE units in concurrent use, SAS can also offer a solution that sits within their core network. This will also reduce the latency to improve the performance of their business critical applications.

Keith Darling, SAS Head of technology said “We've been working on and developing the SAS 4G LTE solutions for over two years. Our aim is to make what is a complex and difficult solution into a highly scalable and robust service, that will meet the growing demands of business customers. The solutions have been designed to be deployed in many different scenarios, from fixed locations and utility vehicles, to providing free WiFi on buses, and even connectivity on super-yachts out at sea.

The beauty is that we have developed a very cost effective proposition that is supported by a very fast and simple contractual and commercial process. When you need to get connectivity quickly, the process and paperwork should not be the barrier.”

Charles Davis, SAS CEO commented that, ”Many UK carriers have, or are working on, a 4G solution that is integrated into their private WAN services. However, they are focusing on a single SIM, single carrier 4G solution on a single hardware platform that cannot support a monthly contract across the SIM, hardware and managed service.  Here at SAS, we offer a multi-sim, multi-carrier 4G solution to provide a more robust, resilient, faster deployment and all wrapped into a simple monthly contract. The market knows that one solution does not meet all business requirements, so we offer various service options from a single SIM up to 32 SIMs to deal with all use cases. We strongly believe that carrier circuits should not be a barrier to your business agiliy."


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