SAS launches Maritime Internet Service


We're delighted to announce the launch of our Maritime Internet Service as part of the SAS Hybrid Networking portfolio. This adds another layer to our continued investment in a UK centre of excellence for hybrid networking.

The solution combines fixed, mobile, WiFi, 4G and Satellite connectivity into a single solution for use at sea. It ensures you have the best user experience based upon the best data service in your location, whether moored in the harbour or out at sea. As clients increasingly want to use more devices and access higher bandwidth content and services, it's essential that boats harness greater technologies to ensure a high user experience.


The SAS Maritime Internet Service also allows you to control your bills, thanks to the SAS managed internet service continually checking for the best connectivity at your specific location. The system will automatically failover between satellite to a bonded multi-SIM and multi carrier 3 & 4G cellular service, or to a WiFi or LAN connection when in harbour. For further increased bandwidth or diversity, all the technologies can be used simultaneously.

Our Maritime internet service is different to other market solutions because it offers a fully managed service which delivers 100% of European mobile broadband coverage. This includes 24/7 monitoring from our European based Network Operation Centre (NOC).

“The ability to transfer our hybrid networking portfolio to cover boats and ships has resulted in some very exciting projects in unique locations,” said Charles Davis, CEO of SAS Global Communications. “People expect to have access to the internet from almost any location these days and our managed service not only simplifies the use of WiFi, Cellular and Satellite networks, but also significantly reduces the cost by intelligently using the best network available at that time.

Hybrid networking is a new and growing market and SAS has made significant investments to integrate WiFi, cellular and satellite connectivity into its core fixed line managed WAN service. Most solutions offer single SIM and single carrier mobile solutions, whereas SAS has developed an international multi SIM and multi carrier solution that can roam across Europe without significant data charges being incurred. This solution shows how innovative SAS is. We are leading the field in hybrid networking."

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