SAS is hiring! Join us to innovate with Hybrid WAN and SDN!

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As part of our investment in a new UK centre of excellence for Hybrid Networking, SAS is creating new roles!


These will support our focus on hybrid WAN solutions using 4G LTE cellular WAN, and the launch of software defined networking (SDN) and software defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions.

We are scaling the business in all operational areas to meet our current and future demand.

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We are looking for talented, energetic, fun people who have experience and skills in some or all of these areas:

  • Wide area and local area networking (WAN and LAN)
  • Cisco, plus Cradlepoint, Peplink and Viprinet 4G solutions
  • 4G LTE carrier networks, Wifi and Satellite networking and RF knowledge

We are looking for people with the mindset to learn how to integrate new technologies into customer infrastructure, and the personality to engage with customers and with our high energy teams. They will be helping to maintain our position as one of the best MPLS providers and perhaps the absolutely best managed network provider in the UK.

The roles are based in our Horsham office. They cover Sales, Technical Pre-sales, Project Management, Engineering and Support functions.

Nicholas Cothill, our COO, commented "Hybrid networking allows customers to meet their operational requirements without waiting many months for service to be delivered or paying over the odds for a single-carrier network.

Here at SAS, we have led the move away from providing dated legacy carrier products. We now focus on managing the communication requirements of our customers in a fast and agile way. Over the years we have built an impressive team of highly skilled people, who deliver a diverse range of innovative solutions.

With the creation of our Hybrid Networking Centre of Excellence, we will continue to extend our hybrid networking capability, while providing a stimulating and rewarding environment for our people to shine. If you would like to join a highly innovative team then come and join SAS.”

Charles Davis, SAS CEO, added “IT teams increasingly need to deliver connectivity quickly, while keeping application performance high and costs down. Many industries need to run critical applications in temporary and mobile sites, and mobilise sites in days rather than months. All industries want to reduce the cost of their networks.

Hybrid networking, coupled with software defined networking (SDN) and software defined WAN (SD-WAN) massively improves on legacy fixed line networks. It reduces the cost of businesses' WANs, by combining multiple fixed line networks and the internet. And with 4G cellular WAN, it offers reliable, high speed connectivity, whenever and wherever they operate.

This is why Hybrid and 4G Cellular networking is replacing the Fixed line networking domain. We're ahead of the curve and we're hiring to extend our lead. Come and join us!"



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