SAS Highly Commended by Comms Business for Digital Transformation

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SMB Digital Transformation Solution award

We're thrilled to announce that we were Highly Commended for the SMB Digital Transformation award at the 2017 Comms Business Awards. 

This award is for resellers, VARs and dealers that sell direct to end customers. The requirement was to submit a detailed recent case study that includes before and after scenarios showing that user needs were identified and met.  Here's a summary of what drove the commendation.

We digitally transformed SAS Global Communications

The challenges we were addressing: Five years ago we had manual, independent processes that impacted accuracy, data integrity and customer responsiveness.

What we did: We designed and built an end to end platform that covers our whole business. It supports everything, from marketing and sales, through pricing and design, order taking, order placement with carriers, and then delivery, support, and billing.  It then supports the monitoring, management, orchestration and reporting of the customer's network and IT estate.

What we completed in 2016: We completed our end to end digital business platform in 2016. Improvements included (and this is a hugely cut-down list!):

  • Each user and role in the organisation has their own standard dashboard, detailing what they have to do, what’s overdue, what’s coming up and what’s completed.
  • Each customer record contains all information types – contact, sales, delivery, technical, legal, commercial and finance, and contains all current and historical data.
  • Real-time updates and reporting across the business
  • Open APIs for integration with multiple third party systems – over thirty today
  • Further orchestration capabilities for our SD-WAN managed networks
  • Updates to our advanced monitoring, with a new Unified Dashboard and Critical Path Monitoring

We’ve achieved multiple resource savings, improved data integrity to 99%, reduced sales order time to 1 hour and sales order effort to 20 minutes with all sales documents automated – giving a huge boost to responsiveness and being right-first-time.  

Digitalisation has been such a benefit to us, and customers have been so impressed, that we now have a policy of only working with suppliers who can trade and interact with us digitally.

The digital transformation was led by COO Nicholas Cothill and CTO Keith Darling, also supported by our Applications Practice at Cheltenham.  

Nicholas said: "This commendation feels special because we put so much thought and effort into our transformation.  What's really special is how much better we now serve customers.  From pricing and order taking, through delivery and in-life management to billing, we've seen faster, slicker operations that are right-first-time and easier for our customers.  As just one example, one of the first customers on our new billing platform responded by saying that it was the simplest bill he had ever processed.  With everything he needed to reconcile, he was able to pass it straight to accounts for payment."

Keith added: "We're very proud of our end-to-end digital platform. Someone who joined us from a carrier partner once told me that he'd lost count of how many of his customers bought their network on the strength of our monitoring, but that it was actually the digital order journey and the orchestration of the network that he'd appreciated the most:  he saw that we were doing SD-WAN while most people were still talking about it.    We've long provided a mature managed SD-WAN service, and I'm delighted that this commendation recognises the wider end-to-end digital business that we are." 

 See this post for more information about how we digitally transformed the business to become the best managed network provider.


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