SAS 'Highly Commended' in CNA Awards 2016 for Best Wireless Solution!



We're delighted to hear that SAS has been 'highly commended' for best wireless solution in two categories by the judges at the recent Comms National Awards!


SAS entered two categories this year, with two different 4G LTE cellular wireless solutions, both exemplars of our hybrid network expertise and our managed networks.


Best SME M2M/Wireless Solution

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"This award recognises reseller solutions that reflect the wider use of mobile/wireless or M2M technologies that increase customer productivity, improve efficiencies and reduce costs in an SME environment."


Our entry for this category featured one of our clients - a large semi-displacement luxury motor yacht, operating luxury charters in the Mediterranean. 


The challenge for this customer was finding a wireless solution that could support the major demand of the yacht's guests, all of whom demanded the ability to operate smart phones, tablets and laptops without any performance issues. This included quick and reliable access to social media, video and music. 


The 3G/4G system provided by the yacht manufacturer was unable to cope with these demands, so our client approached us with the request that we deliver a more flexible, agile and cost effective solution. The yacht needed the capability to get internet access wherever it was docked, to use WLAN in marinas or cellular when at sea. Finally, our client required simple installation, monitoring and maintenance, regardless of which country the yacht was operating in.


Our solution addressed the six key needs of our client:

  1. Achieve a higher level of uptime and high performance. We used systems that were tried, tested and build to last at sea.

  2. Provide the fastest and most resilient connection available. We used load balancing and bandwidth monitoring to deliver superfast VOIP, video streaming, and data, on WLAN, 3G/4G and satellite connections. This allowed the client to mix connections and providers to keep their network up when Individual links went down.

  3. Manage costs by using the most appropriate technology and commercials at all times. WLAN was used within the marinas, international roaming 3 & 4G cellular sims at sea, and as a last resort, satellite. This reduced costs, provided capped and uncapped data tariffs and simplified billing.

  4. Be extremely simple to use at sea by non-technical staff. We built it around a powerful, intuitive management interface and service, with remote monitoring and configuration by SAS. The crew had a mobile app which provided access and notifications.

  5. Improve performance with content caching, which in turn improves user experience.

  6. Provide different user groups with the appropriate access. This ensures that the crew’s daily usage doesn’t impact the guest's experience.


 Best Enterprise M2M/Wireless Solution


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Over the past few years, we've seen numerous issues with the delivery of fixed line circuits within the construction sector. This is due to the sites not having the communications infrastructure in place, as they tend to be green or brown field sites. The impact of not having communications from day one, means that the various trades (ie. surveyors and architects) could not update and share information effectively.


These issues were cropping up again and again, making it clear that customers needed a rapid site deployment solution!

So, we decided to assess the many options available that could potentially offer customers a better delivery experience.


These options all had the capacity to provide customers with early connectivity, without the need for wires in the ground; such as 3G, 4G and satellite. Satellite solutions proved difficult, due to the latency issues with certain applications. We also noted that even though 4G could be accessed in certain areas, the speeds achieved were often variable.


This led us to investigating solutions that could bond multiple 3 or 4G connections to give customers the reliable bandwidth they require.


Importantly, we didn’t just want to provide equipment and sim cards, but a complete end to end managed service. By doing this, we would take away the headache of late circuit delivery from the customer.


 The pain issues faced by our customers in the Construction sector were:


1. Late delivery of fixed line circuits in their estate.

2. Inability for the onsite teams to collaborate effectively.


IT departments are often already under strain and are frequently asked to set up sites with just a few days’ notice. Our solution in this instance is to utilise network hardware that utilises multiple SIMs, which are capable of giving a fast and stable connection.


Fixed line solutions also tend to have minimum terms of 12 months, whereas construction sites won’t necessarily know how long their project will run. The SAS rapid site deployment solution can be used as a temporary measure whilst waiting for the fixed comms or kept for the duration of the project.


This solution also addresses the issue of customers not wanting to manage an estate of devices that could be in a location one month, and a different location another. We proactively monitor and manage the service, meaning that connectivity issues are being dealt with before the trades become aware of any problems.


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