SAS Global Communications takes the heat out of network management for Space Engineering Services

London - SAS Global Communications, an international provider of managed network and professional services, today announced the completion of a project to upgrade the wide area network (WAN) of leading refrigeration specialists, Space Engineering Services. The new infrastructure, which connects nine UK sites, is supported by SAS's managed services division.

Space Engineering Services was a long term user of BT Net EquIP having used the technology for several years to connect operations across the UK. However, more recently, a general increase in application traffic across its network meant that links to a number of sites were proving inadequate.

“We were having bandwidth issues,” said Giles Kirkham, IT manager for Space Engineering Services. “We’d used accelerators and other performance enhancers but had pretty much reached the end of the opportunity with Net EquIP so decided to approach BT to discuss upgrading the network.”

In addition, whilst Space had previously taken charge of managing its WAN in-house, it was keen to relinquish this responsibility going forward and was now looking for a bespoke management service – specifically one which would provide the company with a single point of contact (SPOC) for all issues related to its network.

Since this level of customisation is not available with BT’s standard product offering, BT suggested an introduction to SAS, a managed services specialist and long-standing partner of BT’s, and a meeting was set up at Space’s Bristol headquarters.

“We had worked with a BT partner before so were not opposed to working with SAS,” said Giles. “The guys from SAS were professional and seemed able to provide what we were looking for so with BT recommending them, it made sense.”

Satisfied with the BT-SAS approach, Space commissioned the two companies to deliver the new infrastructure.

“SAS did the lion’s share of the work on the network upgrade, making sure the links went in at the right time and were correctly configured,” said Giles. “They also assisted us with our redundancy and resilience options around routing and got involved in the day to day management of BT to ensure each milestone was met.”

Since completing the project, SAS has assumed responsibility for managing and supporting the new network which includes providing 24/7 monitoring for the company’s MPLS, failover and 3G services, and acting as a single point of contact for all MACs, faults and billing issues on the estate.

“So far, the communications with SAS have been good and any work needed has been done in good time,” said Giles. “Everyone at SAS is technically able and we always get the right person for the job.”

Commenting on what he sees as the main value of outsourcing the management of his network estate to SAS, Giles said:
“Monitoring and the skills of the people making the changes are most important at the moment but having the SAS SPOC has definitely freed up resource.”
“From a cost perspective, although our new network is marginally more expensive than the last, we have significantly upped the bandwidth on the links to branches – going from 256kb to 2MB links. That cost also includes the managed services and monitoring we get from SAS so overall we’ve got a much better service for our money,” said Giles.
"A lot of organisations are finding they can achieve significant cost savings and benefit from improved speed and performance by upgrading from 20 to 21CN network technology,” said Charles Davis CEO for SAS Global Communications. “As Space Engineering’s experience demonstrates, the financial benefits of switching to a 21CN network can sometimes be so significant they allow you to absorb the cost of supporting the network as well.”

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