SAS Global Communications provides inter-site communications infrastructure for Parabis Group

London - SAS Global Communications, an international provider of managed and professional network services, has announced that it has designed and implemented a wide area network (WAN) for Scion Management Services Limited, the management services arm of the Parabis Group. The solution enables inter-site communications for the 10 UK offices and more than 600 employees that make up the Parabis Group of companies, and provides automatic failover for disaster recovery purposes.

Previously the six legal and professional services companies in the group had either separate broadband VPN connections or BT lease lines for inter-company communications. If any part of the system failed, there was little option for vendor support and the task of rectifying any faults would fall to IT staff at Scion’s headquarters in Croydon - inconvenient if the problem occurred in Glasgow. This lack of vendor support was a growing problem for the Parabis Group, particularly given its aggressive growth plans; it has almost doubled in size over the last 18 months, placing IT staff and resources under considerable pressure.

To reduce the burden and cost of IT support, Scion decided to upgrade its communications infrastructure to connect all of the Parabis Group’s employees on a single network. However, given that Scion’s IT staff were approaching capacity, the company needed a partner with in-depth knowledge and the technical resources required to design, implement and support the new infrastructure. SAS was selected because of its strong relationship with BT, technical expertise and proven track record in delivering communications infrastructures. The ability to provide proactive monitoring – making problem resolution much quicker and more effective – was also a key factor in Scion’s decision to appoint SAS.

“Providing and supporting a communications network for a rapidly growing and widely distributed organisation was proving a real challenge for us, we needed a partner to help us simplify our infrastructure and take away the burden of everyday network admin tasks,” said Keith Dunning, IT manager at Scion Management Services. “Given the distance between some of our sites, it was also crucial that as many network problems as possible could be resolved either over the telephone or by remote access, without us having to physically send someone to the site. SAS now provides this service to us as part of our overall support package.”

SAS installed a BT MPLS WAN with Cisco routers. This provides the group with a much more resilient and reliable communications infrastructure and has also enabled the group to standardise security across all sites. SAS providing ongoing management and support for the WAN from its network operating centre in Horsham, including network monitoring, fault diagnosis and incident management. Scion’s IT staff in Croydon have remote web-based access to this information, enabling them to centrally monitor the infrastructure and reducing the number of inter-company site visits required.

“For businesses that need to communicate across multiple sites, it’s essential to have an infrastructure in place that is as reliable and secure as possible – the consequences of having to wait hours or even days for technicians to solve localised problems can be disastrous,” said Charles Davis, CEO of SAS Global Communications. “By following Scion’s example of consolidating all communications onto a single network, multi-site businesses can achieve a cost-effective way of controlling and protecting their infrastructure.”

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