SAS Global Communications offers financing solutions for businesses infrastructure upgrades

London - SAS Global Communications, an international provider of managed and professional network services, has signed an agreement with Lombard Technology Services (Lombard), a member of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, to provide a flexible alternative to the outright purchase of products and services required for network installations and upgrades. By offering financial leases and hire purchase agreements that can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual business, SAS is helping more organisations to overcome cash-flow constraints and take advantage of the benefits of converged technologies without the burden of significant capital expenditure.

Through its flexible financial solutions, SAS is enabling businesses to get the most out of their existing and planned IT infrastructures. By spreading the investment over a fixed term, IT costs become predictable and can be easily factored into budgeting decisions. This also gives organisations that cannot afford large initial upfront investments, the ability to deploy the most up-to-date and suitable technologies for their business needs, thereby offering the potential to improve productivity and operational efficiency.
“More and more businesses now recognise the potential benefits of upgrading to a converged IP network,” said Charles Davis, CEO of SAS Global Communications. “Yet, the technology is rapidly evolving and the outright costs of ownership are often too steep for many businesses. With these financial offerings, companies can better control their IT costs and can invest in technology that best fits their business needs. Lombard’s proven expertise in this area makes it the ideal partner.”

With Lombard, SAS is offering financial solutions covering hardware products from Cisco and HP amongst others, and a full range of services, including IT migration, asset management and disposal services. Financing is available on deals worth over £20,000, and both new and existing customers are eligible. New customers can select to pay for the whole project whilst existing customers have the option of leasing back their networks to Lombard to free up capital in a lump sum. Payments can be spread over a period of between one and three years and can be made monthly or quarterly. Payment holidays can also be taken.

“IT is pivotal to business success, and organisations simply cannot afford to fall behind in the technologies they use,” said Ian Allder, business development manager at Lombard. “However, the financial decision to upgrade to a converged network should not be taken lightly. Organisations must plan IT and investment together, this way they will be able to control the overall cost of ownership and ensure they choose the right products and services for their business.”

Contiguous with its financing options, SAS has also recently launched an online IP telephony workshop, and is running a series of live IPT training webcasts, for IT and telecoms managers who would like technical advice and expert recommendations on implementing a converged network. These events are available free-of-charge to registered users at; forthcoming webcasts include ‘Scoping your IP telephony project for an RFP’.

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