SAS Global Communications maintains new BT business growth despite flagging economy

London - SAS Global Communications, an international provider of managed and professional network services, has announced revenues of £3.83 million, for the quarter ending 31 December 2008, on new sales of wide area networks, private circuits and voice networks through BT’s Indirect Partner Sales channel (BT IPS), maintaining its targeted growth level for FY 08/09 and amassing BT revenues of £14.19 million year-to-date.

Commenting on the results, Charles Davis, CEO of SAS Global Communications, said that the company had witnessed a major drive for consolidation and simplification of communications both within its customer base and generally across industry, during the last three months.

“As companies look for ways to reduce their existing comms spend, volume discounts can make a lot of sense,” said Davis. “Combining your voice, data and mobile communications with a single carrier is probably the easiest way to get a better deal.”

“In addition, by working with a single carrier you may also be able reduce your internal overhead for managing suppliers as well as putting yourself in a strong position to negotiate an improved service level agreement.”

Despite his enthusiasm for the practice, Davis does believe that IT bosses need to do their homework before consolidating their communications and ensure they choose a supplier that can provide both the products and the service the business requires. He is also quick to assert that this will rarely be achieved by working directly with a carrier.
“A large amount of our recent business has come from distressed organisations that have lost control of carriers, no longer have clarity on their comms estate and, more often than not, are having major performance issues with their applications,” said Davis. “One of the main reasons this situation arises is because carriers simply don’t offer the service levels customers need to support a converged network – the ‘one size fits all’ approach is not really a workable solution.”

“SAS's approach is to take the carriers’ SLAs, add our own managed services wrap and create a service that meets the unique requirements of the network we need to support. Because we have depth and breadth of networking and telco experience, we’re able to isolate any application performance issues or faults very quickly and get a much faster resolution than customers could achieve by working directly with their carriers,” said Davis.

Davis believes that SAS’s decision, in 2007, to restructure and refocus its business on managed services and convergence has been a major factor in revenue growth and will be integral to its survival if the economy slips into a deeper recession.

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