SAS Global Communications launches initiative to help organisations slash IT spending

London - SAS Global Communications, an international provider of managed and professional network services, has announced details of a new initiative designed to help companies reduce the IT costs associated with network connectivity, applications and resource, and provide a cost-efficient framework for businesses that need to integrate their network and communications infrastructures. The initiative, which takes the form of a network cost reduction consultation (NCR), is co-funded by BT and was developed in response to the findings of a recent SAS survey which showed that over 90 percent of decision makers in medium to large UK-based organisations are now tasked with reducing their IT spending over the next 12 months; 87% were also targeted with reducing IT costs associated with resource.

“Providing network cost reduction analysis is part of our standard procedure with new customer accounts,” said Charles Davis, CEO for SAS Global Communications. “In virtually all cases it renders IT cost savings of between £200,000 and £400,000 – in some cases that can equate to a 40 percent reduction. Since this is such a great endorsement of the value SAS can provide to companies, we were naturally keen to promote it to a wider audience, hence our decision to offer an NCR consultation.”

To identify IT cost savings, the SAS NCR consultation provides a detailed examination of all of the major aspects of infrastructure design, management and support within the candidate organisation, including connectivity, telephony, applications and hardware.

Some of the network initiatives that often allow companies to reduce their IT costs include:
Consolidating network equipment and services to reduce management costs and improve SLAs
The implementation of basic configuration and infrastructure design changes that improve network performance and availability, and postpone short to mid-term acquisitions or upgrades.
Rationalising the specifications of the communications infrastructure, enabling the company to reduce its annuity charges, without compromising its network performance
The implementation of more comprehensive network intelligence allowing the company to establish a predictable cost-base for its network management and network development
Improving network reporting capabilities in areas like bandwidth utilisation, performance and availability to enable proactive infrastructure management and reduce user support costs and resource levels
According to SAS, the NCR consultation will also be extremely useful to any organisation planning to integrate its IT and communications infrastructures in the near future as it can help to avoid unnecessary investment caused by over-specifying network requirements.

“It’s really easy to over-specify and, subsequently, over-pay for your network,” said Davis. “The problem arises because most companies rely on their carrier or their applications provider to tell them what they need. Unfortunately, our experience with hundreds of customers has shown that, in nearly all cases, neither party has sufficient knowledge of the other’s environment to be able to do this; thus each will attempt to mitigate any performance risk by specifying ‘high’.”

“Because SAS has expertise in all aspects of converged network operation, from the IP transit availability right through to the performance of the network on application delivery, we can not only help customers specify the exact infrastructure requirements they need, we can also ensure that the network they buy is configured to deliver optimum performance for their particular applications,” said Davis.

SAS’s IT cost saving initiative will run for a trial period between September and November 2009.

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