SAS Global Communications launches bonded 4G router service with next working day delivery

New mobile WAN connectivity service overcomes delivery and availability issues with fixed line technology

London - SAS Global Communications,an international provider of managed and professional network services, has launcheda bonded 3/4G router service for enterprise customers in the UK and internationally. The new service is designed to provide high-bandwidth mobile WAN connectivity in situations where fixed lines circuits such as ADSL and Ethernet in the first mile (EFM) may not be viable. It comprises hub and site customer premise equipment (CPE), 3/4G connections from multiple mobile network operators (MNO) and is supported by a custom managed services wrap from SAS.

Where the new service differs from other solutions in the market is in its ability to bond 3/4G connections together. By using cutting edge CPE, SAS is able to deliver ADSL and EFM-like bandwidth speeds without the need for fixed line connections. Unlike traditional managed router services, where the router is deployed at the customer site for the term of the contract, SAS's service will also allow the customer to redeploy the router at another location at virtually any time.

SAS takes responsibility for managing both the site router and connectivity on behalf of the customer so once the hub router is in place, remote sites can be rapidly deployed, obtaining connectivity in just one working day. When the site deployment is no longer required the router, interface cards, SIMs and any site CPE is simply collected by SAS's engineers and returned to stores where it can be refurbished in readiness for configuration and deployment to the next location.

"One of the main drivers for the development of our bonded router service was the growing frustration we were hearing from customers about lead times for ADSL and Ethernet services," said Charles Davis, CEO for SAS Global Communications. "Many customers felt that the contractual commitments associated with these services and the lack of mobility they offered was having a detrimental effect on their ability to be agile."

SAS's bonded 3/4G service enables sites to be operational in one working day, providing almost instant connectivity. For some customers, the flexibility of mobile communications at speeds normally reserved for fixed connectivity will open up new possibilities for how they operate temporary sites and provide added protection against major outages.

To help customers explore how the service could benefit their business in more detail, SAS is inviting customers to register for a bespoke workshop on the topic. For more information contact

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