SAS Global Communications delivers WAN upgrade with managed services to Global Draw

London - SAS Global Communications, an international provider of managed network and professional services has announced the completion of a project to upgrade the WAN infrastructure of UK gaming firm, Global Draw. The new network is supported by a managed services agreement from SAS, which provides a single point of contact for all faults, MACs and billing queries on the company’s BT ADSL estate.

Global Draw manages fixed odds betting (FOB) terminals in betting shops across the UK, including the installation and support of product upgrades. Previously, the provision of upgrades to 600 of its customer sites had been carried out over PSTN dial-up but the company’s plans for market growth meant that this was about to change.

“We were planning to implement a new application on the estate to support our expansion in the UK market,” said Bret Ritchie, head of networks for Global Draw. “The new application required real time access which meant we needed higher speed connectivity and a lot more bandwidth to deliver it – ADSL was the obvious choice.”

Aware that its sister company, Games Media, had worked successfully with SAS, in partnership with BT, for the delivery and management of a 1500 site BT ADSL network, Global Draw decided to invite the two companies to respond to its latest RFP.

The BT/SAS solution proposed a slimmed down version of BT PlusNet for ADSL, along with a custom service wrap from SAS and BT’s FeatureLine for PSTN services. As part of the custom service wrap, SAS would provide project and provisioning management for ordering all of the circuits and DSL services for Global Draw; it would also take responsibility for liaison between BT and Global Draw on the installation of the circuits. To keep costs to a minimum, BT would supply Cisco refurbished routers to the company for self installation and, once installed, these would then be put onto SAS’s support systems.

“Although we did consider other suppliers there were always concerns about the cost and disruption of migrating our existing 600 sites,” said Bret. “There was also the question of capability; we already had a relationship with BT and we could see that SAS was both competent and experienced in working with BT support systems so it didn’t really make sense to go anywhere else – particularly since we didn’t want to manage our carrier relationship directly.”

Seven months on, the Global Draw project is now complete and all 600 ADSL circuits are installed. SAS’s support service for Global Draw is also now fully operational, providing availability monitoring for the company’s DSL and PSTN services and acting as a single point of contact for any faults, MACs or billing requirements on the BT network.

“When companies elect to manage their carrier relationship in-house, it can be complex and often time consuming to resolve issues or instigate changes if they don’t have a really strong relationship, and a lot of experience, with the carrier,” said Charles Davis, CEO for SAS Global Communications. “By working with SAS for the provision of service management on its BT estate, Global Draw has not only got a centralised solution for issues processing and change management, it is also able to leverage our experience and considerable history with BT to get results faster.”

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