SAS Global Communications cuts waiting times for small office network connections from months to days

SAS cuts waiting times for small office network connections from months to days

London - SAS Global Communications, an international provider of managed and professional network services, has launched an initiative to provide BT customers, who need to quickly set up a new small or medium office in a remote or un-serviced area, with a mobile Internet WAN solution, giving them immediate data connectivity from day one. SAS’s solution is an interim system which solves the problem of having to wait up to 90 days for existing circuits to be moved, or for a new PSTN, ADSL or ISDN line to be installed. SAS’s solution can be deployed within a matter of days in both single and multi-site office environments.

Using mobile networks, whether GPRS, 3G or HSDPA, site offices can get an immediate connection to the Internet or to the wider corporate network. This ensures new offices can operate effectively even before fixed line broadband or WAN links can be provisioned by BT. To ensure there is no wasted investment, the original mobile network-enabled modem can be left on site after the final WAN or Internet deployment, providing a failover option in the event of problems on the primary network.

For a single computer set-up, SAS offers an initial Smartphone or enhanced modem device which will connect at the quickest speed available, no matter whether that is over GPRS, HSDPA or 3G. For sites with more than one computer, where proper network configuration and load balancing must be considered from day one, SAS Global Communications recommends a dedicated router with a GPRS/3G modem module added. This will provide the necessary connectivity and a good degree of remote management and control.

“When businesses set up new offices they want them to be fully functional from the outset however, long waiting times for fixed network connections can hold up operations and eat into profitability,” said Charles Davis, CEO of SAS Global Communications. “Our solution takes advantage of high speed mobile networks to give site offices instant connectivity and make a positive impact on the business from day one.”

In addition to the mobile network connection and router, SAS also offers an office-in-a-box service whereby it can add laptops, desktops, scanners, printers, fax machines and other devices to the network before shipping the final solution to the customer site.

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