SAS Global Communications builds new office infrastructure for private equity firm

London - SAS Global Communications, an international provider of managed and professional network services, today announced that it has completed the installation of a new communications infrastructure for the London-based office of international private equity firm, Court Square Capital Partners. SAS implemented a complete network architecture, including an IP telephony (IPT) system for office-based and mobile staff.

After consulting with several systems integrators in the UK, Court Square’s US-based IT team selected SAS because it could demonstrate the best combination of references, know-how and flexibility. Flexibility was a key factor as Court Square needed to be certain that SAS could dedicate the required number of engineers to the project. It also needed to ensure that the installation was completed on time and without any network downtime.

Given the customer-focused nature of its business, staff at Court Square spend a lot of time travelling and at client premises. It was therefore essential that employees were able to access the network remotely and to take advantage of the benefits of IPT while on the move. SAS deployed IPT for Court Square using Cisco Call Manager. In addition, employees can use the IPT system from their soft phones while travelling. This ensures they can always access their messaging resources within the corporate network.

“For businesses like Court Square, where staff spend a lot of time on the road, it’s easy to see the benefits of upgrading to an IP telephony system,” said Charles Davis, CEO of SAS Global Communications. “However, implementing a complete new communications network in a satellite office is a complicated process, especially when, like for Court Square, the IT support function is located in a different country and time zone. In these instances, it is imperative that businesses choose a local integration partner that can continue to support the infrastructure once the project is complete. It is simply not feasible to lose half a day’s work waiting for employees on the other side of the world to wake up and fix the problem.

In addition to the IP telephony system, a new IT architecture was installed by SAS covering desktops, servers, wireless networking and disaster recovery. The architecture has room for growth in terms of capacity and is fully scalable to support Court Square’s planned London expansion over the next few years.

For IT and telecoms managers who need technical advice and expert recommendations on implementing a converged network SAS has recently launched an online IP telephony workshop, and is currently running a series of live IPT training webcasts. These events are available free-of-charge to registered users at; forthcoming webcasts include 'How to guarantee QoS on your IPT network’ and ‘Scoping your IPT project for an RFP'.

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