White label partnership for managed services

We recently launched a white label partnership programme.


The programme enables network carriers, ASPs, SaaS providers, hosting companies, software vendors, IT networking operators, VNOs, ISPs and VARs, to outsource their client network management and support to SAS . 

It is based on a customised version of our managed services portfolio and allows partnering organisations to resell its extensive range of 24/7 managed services under their own brand.

Our CEO, Chas Davis, gave his thoughts,"The principle goal is to help partners protect and grow their businesses by providing them with the ability to deliver a much greater range of application and network support services to their clients than they can currently afford to on their own.” 

In addition to the benefits of bringing new services to market more quickly and maintaining a lead on competitors, the white label programme will also allow partners to realise significant profits on low-volume sales because it does not require the level of investment normally associated with creating a new technology or infrastructure.

According to Davis, in a typical white label deployment, partners can expect to save around 50 per cent of the operational costs, per annum, associated with setting up and running their own 24/7 in-house facility, and 100 per cent of the capital expenditure.

Commenting on the company’s track record for service deliver and client retention, he said, “We normally close around 85 per cent of inbound support queries on the first call but in truth, over 70 per cent of all incidents are identified proactively so the end-user is rarely aware that a problem ever existed.”

SAS’s white label programme was created following the successful implementation of its managed services, at a number of client sites, on behalf of BT.

“A lot people would probably assume that BT would be better placed to provide these services itself rather than use an organisation like ours but in reality because it is so heavily regulated, it’s actually impossible for BT to offer the same level of service for the price we can deliver,” said Davis.

SAS’s white label services are delivered from the company’s network operating centre (NOC) near London in the South East of England. The SAS NOC is staffed by a team of over 60 highly qualified professionals, skilled in all aspects of network and application design, installation, management and support.

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