SAS are triple finalists in the 2017 Comms Business Awards

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We're delighted to announce that we are finalists in THREE categories of the 2017 Comms Business Awards tonight.  It is a fantastic accolade to have been shortlisted for three awards, so we are extremely proud.  

We will be hosting friends of SAS at the awards ceremony tonight, and as sponsors we'll be giving away the award for Best Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

Here is a short summary of the three awards that we’re shortlisted for.

Connectivity - Market Maker award

This is for Channel suppliers who have significantly opened up and developed markets in 2016 through activities such as Innovative product development, Channel marketing programs, sales and technical support programs.

We developed the Connectivity market for the Construction and Road building sector

The challenges we’re helping with: The need to plan and cost before winning contracts, the need to mobilise fast and the difficulty of getting connectivity into the places where they operate.

What we’ve done: We’ve brought several developments together in a holistic approach to meet the particular needs of this sector. For example:

  • Innovative pre-planning with BT Openreach to create certainty, and often to lower costs.
  • Hyperspeed deployments that use 4G for immediate deployment and then migrate seamlessly to line of sight and fibre circuits once they’re delivered.
  • 4G connectivity direct to the corporate network
  • 4G that is scaled for ultra-large deployments of hundreds of users

As an example: We’re providing the communication infrastructure to the Joint Venture that is upgrading the A14. This involves our Network In Advance service, ultra-high capacity 4G WAN for hundreds of users, Gigabit fibre links and line of sight links, connection into the Highways England NRTS) network, and secure partitioned access for each major partner, and on-site cabinets, cabling, LAN and WiFi.

SMB Digital Transformation Solution award

This is for resellers, VARs and dealers that sell direct to end user customers. The requirement was to submit a detailed recent case study that includes before and after scenarios showing that user needs were identified and met.

We've subsequently been Highly Commended at the awards ceremony.  Read more about it here. 

Best IOT/M2M Provider – Market Maker award

This is for the best IoT/ M2M provider who has been active in the Channel in 2016. Include details of standout solutions and applications which have been sold through partners, and a case study of a solution sold through a partner with details of commercials and the business benefits to the customer.

We produced a Market-leading M2M networking solution, packaged for partners

The challenges we’re helping with: Customers increasingly want 4G WAN solutions. Carriers want to deliver them, but they can find it difficult to deliver all of the components together, such as multi-SIM/multi-carrier, on-net connectivity to the fixed network, full solutions including aerials and SIMs, performance tuning and full management.

What we’ve done: We have produced a market leading M2M service using bonded 4G cellular WAN, and packaged it for delivery through fixed and mobile carrier partners:

  • Multi-SIM and Multi-carrier
  • On-net to major carrier networks
  • Multiple devices to meet varying needs for bandwidth and local functions (eg WiFi).
  • Multiple aerial types to support deployments that are particularly remote or in electrically shielded buildings.
  • Performance tuning for performance - critical applications
  • Usage monitoring and management
  • Rapid turnaround – two day deliveries.

As an example: We used the example of what we’re doing for major partners

  • A fully managed end to end M2M service for sale to partners' customers
  • Channel support: training, marketing, sales support
  • Pre-launch support: Direct provision and billing for early customers

Results: Well over 500 deployments across the major carriers for whom we have delivered this.


Find out more about 4G WAN technology in our Complete Guide to 4G WAN.



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